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NCBPA’s experienced staff are readily available to deliver workshops, webinars, presentations and educational seminars across the state and online.  We do this to educate builders, contractors, municipal staff, the general public and many others on the benefits of home and building performance, and how to get involved in our industry.  Contact us to schedule an educational event!

Career Opportunities in Building Performance

NCBPA is leading efforts to educate young professionals about careers in NC’s building performance industry.  We frequently speak to students at community colleges, technical colleges and universities about their options in a variety of career paths.  Speaking to high school students is the next step to getting this information out into the minds of students thinking about future job opportunities.  This presentation provides an overview of our industry, defines a variety of career paths available, presents information on credential and certification programs available, and provides a direct link for students to obtain internships and jobs with industry companies.

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The Market Value of High Performance Homes

Want to learn about the real market value of high performance homes in your market?  NCBPA offers a 30 minute to 1 hour workshop that can be presented online or in-person answering this question.  Using ten years of market data and two years of sales transactions in metro markets across the state, NCBPA has created a presentation that clearly shows the market trends for square footage and sales prices of high performance homes versus all others.  Builders, realtors, appraisers, lenders and consumers will learn how to take advantage of the higher market value of high performance homes.

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High Performance Options in Building and Energy Code

Available for residential and commercial construction, this workshop provides an overview of minimum building and energy code requirements for all types of homes and buildings, followed by a deep dive into options for high performance products, design specifications and features.  Instructed by NCBPA’s expert staff, builders, code officials, contractors, municipalities and many others will learn how to cost-effectively meet minimum code requirements and implement valuable high performance construction practices.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation Specialist Workshop

The Crawl Space Encapsulation Specialist Training is the best opportunity for industry professionals to learn how to design, install and maintain safe, healthy and high performance crawl spaces.  New professionals will receive a comprehensive understanding of the building science of crawl spaces and learn how to make them perform well in both new construction and retrofit homes.  Experienced professionals can sharpen their skillsets and familiarize themselves with the latest ventilation, drying and pest control practices to ensure their crawl space work exceeds code requirements and customer expectations.

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State of Building Performance in North Carolina

Looking to learn more about our market and what opportunities may exist for your company, your region or part of our market?  Book this workshop to receive a “lay of the land” with regards to our industry.  This presentation is tailored to match specific needs and interests regarding workforce development, policy and legislation, market valuation, code and much more.

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How to Take Advantage of HERS Ratings and the ERI Compliance Path

Beginning January 1 of 2019, builders and homebuyers can take even greater advantage of the value that home energy ratings (HERS ratings) provide.  North Carolina’s new 2018 energy code allows for homes meeting a minimum HERS Rating or Energy Rating Index (ERI) value to pass energy code without having a Code Official perform the inspection work.  Instead, the HERS Rater responsible for completing the final HERS/ERI calculation provides confirmation to the Code Official for their stamp of acceptance.  This new option saves builders, contractors and code officials time and money, while ensuring energy efficient and high performance construction through the third-party verified rating process.

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HomeEnergyNC Workshop for Employees

NCBPA is proud to announce the launch of a new workshop available to companies and organizations looking to offer their employees energy efficiency education!  Developed in partnership with the Duke University Carbon Offsets Initiative, this workshop offers private companies, local governments, nonprofits and many others opportunities to educate their employees on how to take advantage of the benefits of home energy efficiency.

  • Participating employers demonstrate their commitment to energy efficiency by hosting the workshop, but also benefit from more healthy employees, increasing worker productivity!
  • Participating employees learn about the benefits of home energy upgrades and improvements from industry experts through hands-on training on how to make these upgrades on their own or with a contractor.
NCBPA staff and partners are ready to offer the workshop with companies and organizations in your local community across the state.  Contact us at or 919-841-6207 to talk about offering the workshop to an organization near you, or to become an approved trainer for your local community!
More information is available at

Energy Efficiency Policy in North Carolina

Interested in learning about what’s happening in energy efficiency policy in North Carolina?  Book a workshop with us!  This presentation can be delivered online or in-person, offering participants an overview of NC’s energy efficiency policy landscape and a wealth of information on how participants can get involved in industry initiatives to advance the industry’s work through advocacy, lobbying and other forms of policy work.

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