Develop Workforce Resources for Students, Faculty and Professionals

Our Goal:  Work with member companies to develop the resources needed by students, their family members, faculty and existing industry professionals to increase visibility of entry level jobs and lasting career opportunities in North Carolina’s growing building performance industry.

Activities Underway

Perhaps more than ever, North Carolina’s building performance industry needs to reach out and support our industry’s future workforce while shoring up support for current professionals.  NCBPA’s workforce development efforts are founded in addressing these needs with support from our members, partners and industry-at-large.  This important work needs your support!  Continue reading below for more information.

NCBPA staff, members and partners are already hard at work on a wealth of activities related to this strategic initiative.  Here are some of the highlights found in our new 2020 Strategic Plan:

  1. Develop new and update existing community college curricula in order to better prepare students for entry-level jobs and lasting careers in North Carolina’s building performance industry.
  2. Develop Apprenticeship Programs that provide company-sponsored education and on-the-job training that can lead to immediate job placement upon graduation.
  3. Develop Career Pathways resources that inform students, their family members and faculty of the job and career opportunities available to students, and what education, work experience and certifications are needed to obtain them.
  4. Promote and support existing internship and co-op programs across the state, while encouraging more colleges and companies to participate in existing programs or create new ones.
  5. Identify new and improved state and local resources needed by government agencies, workforce development nonprofits, and other stakeholders to support education, training and job placement resources.
  6. Implement resources that improve the diversity, equity and inclusion of available industry jobs, support programs for workers and recruiting channels for community college students.
  7. Initiate new data collection and surveying initiatives that improve the available data on our industry’s workforce.
  8. With strong member participation, continue in-person presentations to college and university students about industry job and career opportunities.
  9. Continue industry professional features that spotlight career pathways, emerging professionals and other topics that encourage students, their parents and existing industry professionals to consider career opportunities in our industry.
  10. Improve code official knowledge of North Carolina’s energy code requirements for homes and buildings.

Support This Work By

Join NCBPA as a member company to participate in our efforts to promote and grow our industry!  Opportunities include:

  1. Posting available jobs on NCBPA’s Job Board
  2. Interviewing candidates on NCBPA’s Job Seekers page
  3. Participating in NCBPA’s Feb 4th Workforce Summit
  4. Sharing your workforce resources with NCBPA
  5. Sponsoring faculty to attend our 2020 Conference
  6. Contributing funds to support our efforts

NCBPA offers industry professionals and companies a wealth of opportunities to get involved in growing and improving our industry’s workforce:

  • Job Postings: Share your job postings with us to be included on our Job Board.  Email a link to your posting or a job description and steps to apply to
  • Find Qualified Job Candidates: Look for qualified candidates on our Job Seekers page and email us your resume if you’re looking for a position with an industry company!
  • Workforce Development: Contact us to get involved in our workforce development activities.  NCBPA is currently seeking volunteers for:
    • Developing Career Pathways resources.
    • Developing new Internship, Co-op and Apprenticeship  programs.
    • Updating community college, technical college and university curricula to match the educational needs that industry companies need now and in the coming years.

Key Events in 2020

  1. February 4th: Workforce Summit in Pittsboro, NC
  2. Spring: Presentations to college students across NC
  3. August 24th: Career Fair at 2020 Conference *canceled due to Covid*
  4. November: NC Energy Efficiency (EE) Apprenticeship Track initiated by the NCDEQ
  5. Winter: Implement new workforce resources

Additional Information

Click on a link below for more information on NCBPA’s work on these topics: