Identify and Develop Innovative Market Solutions

Our Goal: Lead efforts by members and partners to identify and develop market solutions that create new and improved business opportunities for member companies and their workers.

Activities Underway

NCBPA staff, members and partners are already hard at work on a wealth of activities related to this strategic initiative.  Here are some of the highlights found in our new 2020 Strategic Plan:

  1. Improve the market valuation of high performance homes and buildings by educating key stakeholder groups including Realtors, Appraisers and Lenders.
  2. Implement pilot programs in key markets that can be used to test known solutions to market challenges regarding MLS “Greening”, Builder up-front costs and other key issues.
  3. Add innovative consumer education resources to NCBPA’s existing free consumer education websites at and
  4. Introduce policy improvements and new resources that improve the way that high performance homes and buildings are appraised.
  5. Establish best practices in design, construction, code, incentive programs and more that offer architects, builders, developers, contractors and others introductory steps that allow them to pursue Passive House, Zero Net Energy and other high performance construction methodologies and programs.
  6. Continue 2017 – 2019 efforts to enable Commercial PACE (C-PACE) Financing in North Carolina to offer developers improved financing options for high performance new construction and retrofit projects.

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Additional Information

Click on a link below for more information on NCBPA’s work on these topics:

Consumer Education

Improving the Market Value of High Performance Homes and Buildings