Market Valuation

Improving the financial return and market understanding of the higher value and added benefits of energy efficient, green and high performance homes and buildings is a critical step in advancing North Carolina’s building performance industry.  NCBPA is leading efforts to develop and implement the resources needed to make this happen.

Strategic Plan

In January of 2017, NCBPA’s Board of Directors established market valuation as one of the association’s four strategic initiatives.  Our strategic activities include:

  1. Support improvements to minimum building performance standards and codes.

  2. Support research and innovation in new products, services and construction practices.

  3. Increase the appraised values of high performance homes and buildings.

  4. Improve the visibility of high performance building features in MLS directories.

  5. Provide useful education and valuation resources to realtors, appraisers and lenders.

NCBPA seeks $25,000 of funding to perform our annual market inventory report, last completed in March of 2018, to gather valuable insight on NC’s residential and commercial building markets with a major focus on defining the added financial value of high performance commercial buildings. In 2018, NCBPA identified a 9.5% premium for high performance homes by comparing sale prices from code built homes versus those with home energy ratings and third-party certification programs like ENERGY STAR, NGBS, LEED and others.  NCBPA seeks funding to perform this same study on NC’s commercial buildings market to develop hard data that clearly demonstrates the higher financial value of commercial buildings that are built or retrofitted to energy efficient, green building and high performance standards.  Contact us if you’d like to participate or help fund this work.

NCBPA’s Market Valuation Resources

In March of 2018, NCBPA released its “2017 Annual Energy Efficient, Green and High Performance Home and Building Inventory Report” that identified 34,152 high performance homes and buildings being built or retrofitted in the state in 2016 and found a 9.5% price premium for high performance homes sold in three of North Carolina’s metro markets between 2015 and 2016.  Since 2007, the report identifies 198,525 high performance homes and buildings in the state.

Each year, the report analyzes data from certification and rating programs used to measure homes and buildings for energy efficient, green and high performance features.  The 2017 report includes what is believed to be the most comprehensive high performance home sale price analysis performed to date in the country, which compares the prices of 3,908 high performance homes sold in the Charlotte, Triad and Triangle markets between 2015 and 2016 to all other home sales.

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Awards and Recognition

On January 10th of 2018, our Executive Director Ryan Miller was awarded the 2017 Young Green Professional of the Year award by the National Association of Home Builders for completing our 2017 Inventory Report, which includes innovative best practices and recommendations for residential builders, MLS directories and stakeholders to take on to improve market valuation.

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