Residents living in or building new homes have a lot to do with how their home performs.  There are a variety of benefits to improving home performance, whether through new construction builds or retrofitting/repairing existing homes. 

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NCBPA provides these resources to support residential consumer education:

  • Click here to visit our residential consumer education website at  This website includes:
    • DIY tips and tricks for saving energy at home.
    • Options for building “green”, including selling and buying green homes.
    • Certification and verification programs for high performance construction.
    • Contractor Directory for all home performance contractors and builders in North Carolina.
  • Click here to view the educational workshops we offer residents.
  • Visit our Member Directory to find a member company in your area.

Helpful Resources for Residential Consumers

  • Click here to visit our residential consumer education website at
  • Click here to visit the North Carolina Energy Efficiency Alliance’s website.
    • View fun and informative videos on energy code, construction practices and more here.
  • Click here to learn about industry efforts to bring the Passive House program to affordable housing developments.
  • Click here for an example of how home builders are thinking about energy and performance in the homes they’re building for future generations.

Interested in a zero energy home?  Watch this short video from the U.S. Department of Energy

Watch this short video on the minimum energy efficiency requirements of new homes built to North Carolina’s 2012 Energy Code

Video courtesy of NC Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Watch this short video on the benefits of ENERGY STAR Certified Homes:

Video courtesy of NC Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Learn how to make your home energy efficient from Dr. Energy Saver, an NCBPA Allied Partner:

Video courtesy of Dr. Energy Saver.