What will high performance construction in NC look like in 2018, 2024 and 2030?

NCBPA is fortunate to work with a great group of full-time staff, part-time staff and interns that research industry issues, needs and opportunities that help push North Carolina’s market for high performance homes and buildings forward.  A new initiative that our Spring 2018 Architectural Intern, Henderson Beck, is working on is to define what code-built homes and buildings look like in 2018, 2024 and 2030 (our current 6 year code cycle), and then present our industry’s vision for what high performance requirements and options will look like on top of code minimum.

Looking ahead to 2024 and 2030

  • How will energy storage, renewables and electric vehicles play a role in our homes and buildings?
  • How efficient will HVAC systems need to be, and what types – heat pump, mini-split, geothermal, something else – will be most widely used in new construction?
  • How will retrofit code be impacted by performance needs and requirements?

Leading builders across the country are beginning to take a closer look at the future of home construction and how it will impact their future developments.  Meritage Homes’ reNEWable Living Home Project is one example.  Read about it here.

In the coming weeks, NCBPA will begin publishing findings from Henderson’s research via reports, renderings, webinars and presentations to share with our market.  We’d love to have feedback from industry stakeholders on what they want or expect to see for high performance in 2024 or 2030.

Email your thoughts to Info@BuildingNC.org to participate in the discussion.  And, be on the lookout for updates on Henderson’s work with us!