Nonprofit support for your rating business

NCBPA serves as a RESNET-accredited Rating Provider for new and certified Home Energy Raters and Rating Field Inspectors across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  We offer high quality certification, training, quality assurance and support services at the lowest (nonprofit) prices available in the market.  We support more than 40 companies working in 7 states and would be happy to support your business’ rating work!

About Our Nonprofit Providership

NCBPA launched its Providership in September of 2014 at the request of Home Energy Raters in North Carolina who, for many years, had been interested in establishing a centralized nonprofit RESNET Providership to achieve the following benefits:

  • Lower the cost of performing home energy ratings by consolidating the fees, certification processing steps, quality assurance services and more into one organization.

  • Market the valuable role of Home Energy Raters in North Carolina to Builders, Homeowners and other stakeholders that benefit from home energy ratings.

  • Provide the best technical assistance and quality assurance services available in the state, so that all Home Energy Raters are well-trained and have the resources they need to be successful and support their clients.

Our Providership is based upon the principle of working together to realize shared benefits, and then competing as rating companies on a larger playing field across the region.  By operating a RESNET Providership with many of our region’s HERS Raters included, together we can lower the cost of certification processing, streamline quality assurance practices and work together to grow our industry.

Contact us at 919-841-6207 or to discuss how our Providership can support your business.

Our Nonprofit Providership Offers

  • HERS, ENERGY STAR and EPA Indoor airPLUS certification processing
  • Software access for REM/Rate and Ekotrope
  • Low volume-based fees for certification processing and required quality assurance
  • Technical assistance and training when needed
  • Marketing to Builders and Homeowners, referrals and lead generation for new clients
  • Industry news and market intelligence
  • Support interpreting and meeting code and rebate programs
  • Training opportunities for Raters and Field Inspectors
  • Management of continuing education and certification requirements
  • Access to discounted business insurance and employee benefits plans

Member Pricing

By joining NCBPA or one of our sister associations as a member company, you’ll receive discounted pricing on our Providership services.  Each year, we reset our fees to better align our services with changing fees from RESNET, software providers and as our business operations become more efficient through technology, software and working with more rating companies.  We commit to keeping our pricing as low as possible and passing along the benefits to our member rating companies.

Our low fees start with a one-time Application fee of $100 for members and $200 for non-members to cover our time setting up or transitioning your rating work to our Providership.

Our volume-based pricing for Member Companies of NCBPA and other BPAs includes:

# Annual Ratings**:Annual Company Fee:Annual Rater/RFI Fee:HERS Cert. Fee:ENERGY STAR Cert. Fee:File QA Fee:Field QA Fee***:
1 - 50$375$0$45$55$60$175 + travel expenses
51 - 250$400$0$45$55$60$175 + travel expenses
251 - 1,000$350$175$40$50$50$165 + travel expenses
Over 1,000$400$200$35$45$40$160 + travel expenses

* Pricing applies to members in good standing of NCBPA and other BPAs.

** The number of ratings is an estimate based on calendar year 2020 volume by the rating company.

*** NCBPA’s fee for travel expenses is $1.00 per mile for Field QA visits made by our staff via car.  This fee includes gas and meal costs (at cost, no markup) and our staff’s labor costs for travel time.  Hotel fees for overnight stays are charged separately at cost. Where possible, Field QA visits are grouped with multiple rating companies to lower costs.

Steps to Join Our Providership

1)  Complete, sign and return the following documents:

  • Rater/RFI Registry Form: Word or PDF (one form per company for all Raters/RFIs)
  • Rating Company Annual Agreement: Word or PDF (one agreement per company)
  • Rater/RFI Annual Agreement: Word or PDF (one agreement per Rater/RFI)

2)  Receive and pay invoice for applicable setup fees.  We will email you an invoice that can be paid via card online or check.

3)  We will set you up in our system and contact you with next steps.

Need Business Insurance or Employee Benefits for your Rating Business?

As a member of NCBPA, you have access to discounted business insurance and employee benefits through our association plans.  Join NCBPA today to take advantage of this offer for your company and its workers!  Contact us for more information.

Helpful Resources

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Need to file a complaint about a Rater in our Providership?

Please email your information to or call 919-841-6207.

Looking for continuing education workshops and opportunities?

Visit our Events Calendar for events taking place in North Carolina, online and in other states.

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