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Matthew Byington – seeking summer 2019 internship in Raleigh in Sustainability and Renewable Energy

My name is Matthew Byington and I am currently a junior at NC State University. I am interested in a Summer 2019 internship in Raleigh with a business focused on sustainability and/or renewable energy.  At NCSU, I am President of the College of Natural Resources Council, serve on the Engaging Leaders Program Advisory Board and serve as a Sustainable Materials and Technology Recruiter.

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Jasmine Garland – seeking summer 2019 internship in Building Performance in NC

My name is Jasmine Garland and I am seeking an internship for the summer of 2019, I am studying abroad the Month of May, but will have complete availability from June 1st until August 18th.  I am a problem solver and would love an internship that would allow me to be a part of an interdisciplinary team working within energy efficiency in the built environment, and the numerous problems we are technically and politically faced with.  My interests primarily include building design, energy auditing and data analysis of high performance buildings, and research and development complimenting those respect fields.

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Anvay Joshi – seeking summer 2019 internship in Mechanical Engineering in NC

My name is Anvay Joshi and I am in my first year of the mechanical engineering graduate course at NC State. I am interested in energy management and HVAC and want to pursue that as my career. I took an architecture course which involves Building Energy Modeling & Simulation, where I had the chance to work with SketchUp, OpenStudio and Energy Plus, which has further increased my interest in this field. I have recently also managed to get a job at the Facilities Division on campus to gain some practical experience in this field. I am looking for internship opportunities in this field for summer 2019.

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Daniel Real – seeking full-time position in Solar and/or Storage in NC

Skilled project manager and advisor offering a unique combination of academic and professional experiences to promote innovation in renewable energy. Adept at building relationships, leading teams, translating technical concepts for business and policy leaders, and collaborating effectively with others to achieve desired outcomes. Known for intellectual curiosity across multiple disciplines, ability to research complex topics and attain subject matter expertise
in short period of time. Demonstrated ability to orchestrate successful technology demonstrations and evaluations on tight schedules with limited funding.

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Vanessa Luthringer – seeking full-time position in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in NC

My name is Vanessa Luthringer and I am seeking a full time position in energy efficiency and sustainability industry. Possessing long-standing passion for sustainability, demonstrating understanding of the need for implementation of multi-faceted sustainability initiatives and importance of interdisciplinary perspectives. Excellent written communication skills readily applicable to diverse writing frames ranging from fact sheets, flyers, and research reports to newsletter segments and case studies. Proficient in data compilation and organization. Interpret policy and analyze energy data to make recommendations. Experience in researching energy emissions, generation mix, and consumption data from national databases (i.e. eGRID, EIA, NREL). Performing outreach and outreach support in public and private sectors. Use of partnerships, stakeholder process, and education to further sustainability initiatives.

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