Consumer Education

Consumer education on the benefits of high performance homes and buildings – and most particularly, when and how take action – is a critical need in North Carolina.  Consumer education is a massive opportunity but also a major challenge.  NCBPA is leading efforts to improve the knowledge, awareness and resources of North Carolina home and building owners, operators and managers on high performance construction.

Strategic Plan

In January of 2017, NCBPA’s Board of Directors established consumer education as one of the association’s four strategic initiatives.  Our strategic activities include:

  1. Providing educational resources to home, building and property owners that encourage their commitment to high performance construction.
  2. Promoting consumer participation in “building performance” (not “green”) as a brand.
  3. Providing free online resources to educate consumers on their building performance options.
  4. Initiating advertising and marketing campaigns to promote our industry and its work.
  5. Promoting the health, safety, durability, environmental and energy benefits our work offers.

NCBPA’s Consumer Education Resources

NCBPA operates two consumer education websites: for residential consumers and for all other consumers in North Carolina.

These websites offer free consumer information on improving energy efficiency, green building and high performance construction features in homes and buildings across the state.

Homeowners and renters can participate in NCBPA’s educational workshop based on the principles.  Expert instructors present home energy education and resources through in-person presentations from one to eight hours in length.  Visit our website for more information.

If you live in the Triangle area of North Carolina, consider attending the 2020 Triangle High Performance Home Tour, where many of our members will be showcasing their high performance and green homes!