Learn and participate in building performance

Increasing the number of consumers, builders, contractors and other end users that participate in building performance is NCBPA’s top priority.  Our association provides a variety of educational resources for consumers and contractors alike.  Continue reading below and contact us directly with your questions.

Become an industry leader

Membership with NCBPA doesn’t stop at being on the receiving end of emails and communications about what’s going on in the industry.  All member companies and professionals are encouraged to play an active role in guiding the association’s work to improve the industry.

Join the Board of Directors

Several positions are open every 6 months to join the Board of Directors, NCBPA’s volunteer leadership group that sets the tone and strategy for the association’s work.  Click here for more information about becoming a Board Member.

Participate on a Committee

Our Committees offer industry professionals – both experienced and new in their careers – volunteer opportunities to contribute their voice and expertise to key industry growth opportunities and, when needed, in resolving market barriers.  Click here for more information on our Trade Councils.

Become a Policy Advocate

NCBPA staff is a fixture at the North Carolina General Assembly, but legislators and regulators really want and need to hear from local companies about issues that harm their businesses.  Member professionals have many opportunities to contribute their voice and expertise to matters on building and energy code, regulation and much more at the local, state and national levels.  Click here for more information on our policy and legislative work.

Educate Your Peers

Interested in teaching others about the value of building performance?  Have a product or service that you’d like to communicate to industry professionals?  Volunteer your time presenting on technical or business topics via online webinars, in-person workshops and conferences held throughout the year and across the state. Join NCBPA to gain access to our network of more than 10,000 NC-based industry professionals seeking valuable insight and information to make their own businesses better.  Presentation, teaching and consulting opportunities are available through our events and many others that we support.  Contact us to get involved in these and other education opportunities.

Sponsor Our Work

NCBPA would not be able to offer the beneficial resources, programs and services that our members enjoy without the valued support of our Allied Partners.  These product and service providers fund our efforts to grow and protect our industry, to the benefit of member companies.  Click here to learn more about our Allied Partner program.

Homes, Homeowners & Renters

Residents living in or building new homes have a lot to do with how their home performs.  There are a variety of benefits to improving home performance, whether through new construction builds or retrofitting/repairing existing homes.  NCBPA provides these resources to support residential consumer education:

  • Click here to visit our residential consumer education website at www.HomeEnergyNC.org.  This website includes:
    • DIY tips and tricks for saving energy at home.
    • Options for building “green”, including selling and buying green homes.
    • Certification and verification programs for high performance construction.
    • Contractor Directory for all home performance contractors and builders in North Carolina.
  • Click here for more information on our Residential page on this website.
  • Click here to view the educational workshops we offer residents.
  • Visit our Member Directory to find a member company in your area.

Buildings, Building Owners & Operators

Workers, customers, owners and operators are all impacted by the performance of the building they work, eat, worshop or spend time in. Studies show that high performance buildings result in more productive workers, more satisfied customers, greater market value and less maintenance.  All these benefits come with high performance design, construction and maintenance, which also reduces environmental impacts from buildings. NCBPA provides these resources to support commercial and industrial consumer education:

  • NCBPA launched www.BuildingPerformanceNC.org in 2018 as a one-stop online resource for learning about, and taking action on, building performance.  The website provides:
    • Best practices for designing, constructing, improving and maintaining buildings to perform well.
    • Rebates and incentives for owners and operators.
    • DIY tips for restaurants, retail shops and many other building types to save energy and improve performance.
    • Contractor Directory for architects, commissioning agents and other contractors able to improve the performance of buildings across North Carolina.
  • Click here for more information on our Commercial & Industrial page on this website.
  • Click here to view the educational workshops we offer building owners, operators and contractors.
  • Visit our Member Directory to find a member company in your area.

Events Calendar

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Workforce Development and Career Support

Click on the following links for:

  • Workforce Development – participate in industry workforce growth opportunities taking place across the state.
  • Career Support – helpful resources for starting or improving your career in building performance.
  • Job Board – available industry jobs across the state.
  • Job Seekers – providing resumes for industry professionals seeking internships and full-time jobs.

Swap Meet

Click here to buy, sell or trade used equipment from industry companies.

RESNET Rating Providership

NCBPA serves as a RESNET-accredited Rating Provider for new and certified Home Energy Raters and Rating Field Inspectors across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  We offer high quality certification, training, quality assurance and support services at the lowest (nonprofit) prices available in the market.  We support more than 40 companies working in 7 states and would be happy to support your business’ rating work!  Click here for more information.

Research & Reports

Click here to access helpful research and reports provided by NCBPA and industry partners.

Policy & Legislation

NCBPA leads efforts to advocate and lobby for an improved playing field in North Carolina’s crowded landscape of policy, legislative and regulatory changes.  Join NCBPA to support out efforts to create a better business environment for your company, its staff and your employees well into the future.  Click here for more information

Consumer Education

Click here to visit our consumer education webpage.  Or, visit www.HomeEnergyNC.org for residential consumer education and www.BuildingPerformanceNC.org for commercial and industrial consumer education.