NCBPA provides a wealth of resources to member companies, industry professionals and the general public to support high performance construction in our state.  Check out these resources and contact us directly with additional questions.

Events Calendar

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Workforce Development and Career Support

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  • Workforce Development – participate in industry workforce growth opportunities taking place across the state.
  • Career Support – helpful resources for starting or improving your career in building performance.
  • Job Board – available industry jobs across the state.
  • Job Seekers – providing resumes for industry professionals seeking internships and full-time jobs.

Swap Meet

Click here to buy, sell or trade used equipment from industry companies.

RESNET Rating Providership

NCBPA serves as a RESNET-accredited Rating Provider for new and certified Home Energy Raters and Rating Field Inspectors across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.  We offer high quality certification, training, quality assurance and support services at the lowest (nonprofit) prices available in the market.  We support more than 40 companies working in 7 states and would be happy to support your business’ rating work!  Click here for more information.

Research & Reports

Click here to access helpful research and reports provided by NCBPA and industry partners.

Policy & Legislation

NCBPA leads efforts to advocate and lobby for an improved playing field in North Carolina’s crowded landscape of policy, legislative and regulatory changes.  Join NCBPA to support out efforts to create a better business environment for your company, its staff and your employees well into the future.  Click here for more information

Consumer Education

Click here to visit our consumer education webpage.  Or, visit for residential consumer education and (coming soon!) for commercial and industrial consumer education.