The Building Science of Curtain Walls



This presentation is intended to provide an overview of different window wall and curtain wall systems through the lens of building science principles. The presentation will start with a discussion of the principle elements of building science and control layers as they apply to enclosure design. Once these principles are established at a fundamental level, the presentation will focus on how these principles will apply to more complex systems of curtain wall and window wall. The presentation will also use building science to explain some of the differences between systems, the areas of risk and design consideration, as well as elements for quality control and review of installation.

After attending this presentation, you should be able to:
• Identify the four primary control layers in four universal building enclosure assemblies.
• Understand the general differences between stick-built curtain wall, unitized curtain wall, and window wall.
• Identify how the four primary control layers are achieved in different curtain wall and window wall systems.
• Understand different quality control procedures for the building science of curtain wall and window wall.

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