Smart Ventilation and Smart Air Distribution



Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory states that homes without smart ventilation are dumb. Find out why in our Build Equinox webinar on smart ventilation and smart air distribution, two essential aspects for automatically maintaining excellent air quality in residences. The webinar compares air quality and energy efficiency of a smart ventilation system to a high-performance HRV (90%) system that follows ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation standards in a modern IRC (International Residential Code) home (ACH50=3) and a high-performance home (ACH50=0.6). Smart ventilation saves energy while maintaining excellent air quality in challenging winter weather conditions. Smart air distribution is ensuring effective use of fresh air. Air quality in homes is dynamic and changes rapidly within occupied regions of a home. Comparisons are made between “one-and-done” (HRV/ERV) ventilation systems and smart ventilation systems that utilize recirculation and zone control. Recirculation provides a means for filtering particulates, utilizing fresh air in unoccupied regions of a home, and unifying air quality and comfort.

After attending, you will wonder why anyone would use ASHRAE 62.2 one-size-fits-all, odor-based ventilation standards.

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