Residential Insulation Best Practices – Part 2: Proper Installation Techniques



Installing to Grade I criteria is important to delivering a quality, energy-efficient home. A Grade I designation means that the home insulation is properly installed and without any moderate or substantial defects. While Grade I installation should be the norm in the residential building industry, there are instances where it is not. The result of a sub-par installation is a home that doesn’t perform to its potential—which unfortunately reflects poorly on builders, installers and insulation manufacturers alike.

Our three-part batt installation training video is a great beginner’s tutorial or refresher on how to get Grade I installation and should be required viewing for all insulation contractors working with batt insulation:

In part two: Want to see what a high quality fiber glass, rock wool, or slag wool batt insulation job looks like? Watch award winning and professional insulation contractors demonstrate how to install fiber glass and rock wool batt insulation in all areas of an energy efficient home. Details such as job staging, batt cutting and sizing, installing insulation to meet R-values and building codes, and PPE recommendations are also addressed.

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