Re-designing Good Design: High-performance Architecture for a Low-carbon World (Previously Recorded)



Previous Recording of Innovators Evening Lecture Series: William Leddy – Re-designing Good Design: High-performance Architecture for a Low-carbon World

In the 21st century, architecture isn-t truly beautiful unless it deeply engages the natural world. Despite the ubiquitous national discussion around sustainable design in recent years, a wide gulf of understanding still exists between prevailing architectural design values and the deep, ecological design thinking we need to meet the epic challenges of the 21st century. Successfully addressing these challenges – specifically those of the AIA 2030 Commitment and California-s Zero Net Energy Action Plan – requires far more than a light brushing of greenwash or basic compliance with third-party green building certifications. It requires that we radically change our shared design ethos to creatively embrace high-performance / low-carbon design in every project we undertake. It requires that we hone our technical sophistication to make more with less, driving the carbon footprint of each building and community to the optimal minimum. But addressing these challenges also requires that we mine the rich opportunities for meaningful architectural expression that present themselves when we anchor our buildings firmly in the natural systems of each site and circumstance. As a profession, we have an historic opportunity to apply the transformative power of integrated design to help lead our communities toward a just, resilient and hopeful future.

William Leddy, FAIA, will discuss these evolving concepts of integrated design excellence, providing context and examples from his firm-s award-winning practice. He will describe the approaches LMSA uses to integrate high-performance design strategies within their work, including concept phase goal-setting, early design energy, embodied carbon and daylight modeling, and various communications strategies. Recognizing that learning from the actual use of each project is the next frontier of successful low-carbon architecture, Leddy will describe his firm-s evolving approach to Post Occupancy Evaluations that are achievable for small firms. Finally, Leddy will relate his experiences nationally and regionally to shift design culture by making meaningful sustainable design metrics a requirement for all AIA design awards programs.

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