Moisture: The Enemy of a Healthy Home




This presentation details how the ability to properly design and control a home-s relative humidity can have beneficial impacts to the occupants- health and safety. A focal points includes how traditional moisture management strategies no longer meet the real demands of occupants and modern building science principles. Learn how to find new business opportunities in helping your customers live in healthy homes.

We all know that fresh air ventilation and whole house air filtration are important to achieving a healthy home but there is one other major component that is often not considered – dedicated moisture control. Controlling the relative humidity in the entire home is often one of the biggest impacts that can be made to truly achieving a healthy home. This presentation will address the health impacts of controlling relative humidity in homes, what to look for in your customers homes, questions to help them understand if they have a health-related moisture problem, and how to successful apply moisture control strategies to the entire home. We will discuss why traditional methods will no longer effectively meet the new moisture demands and the building science perspective on the challenges that builders and building performance contractors now must learn to deal with effectively. The time is now to learn why and how to help your homeowners achieve the healthiest homes possible.

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