Maximizing the Value of Design Document Review


What is commissioning design document review? How does the commissioning professional add value during the design phase? One way is by conducting a review of the design documentation as it develops. The commissioning professional reviews design documents with a systems perspective in mind. They look at whether the systems proposed in the Basis of Design achieve the Owner-s Project Requirements, and whether they continue to do so as the design evolves through 60% and 90% submittals. The timing and delivery of comments on all design documents is important to keeping the project on time and built to the owners OPR. The commissioning professional-s job during design document review is to assure that all systems, taken together, will function at a level greater than the sum of its parts. Learn from a long time commissioning professional, BCA member and current Board Member Bruce Pitts, the value of a quality design document review and how to improve on your current process.

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