Loss of Power: Are you really prepared?


Loss of Power, the verification of multiple building systems under loss of normal power, is a fundamental–and critical–functional performance test that should be performed in every facility that includes back-up power or an emergency power system.However, many project teams still do not perform this test, do not realize the criticality of this test or test using simulations instead of actually performing the test under “real-world” conditions that include interrupting primary power under a controlled and planned procedure .It’s not a test that can be skipped, nor is it a test that the team should take lightly, as it requires planning and coordination far beyond any other functional test.In this highly informative webinar, we will discuss common challenges for including and conducting loss of power and ways to overcome these challenges.

We also will review what defines a loss of power simulation and what defines a complete test.Do you know what defines a loss of power test? Do you know what can make or break successful results?We will walk through the essential planning and coordination steps, pre-test, test day and follow-up procedures.Attendees will be able to ask questions, so please come prepared with specific test inquiries.

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