LEED for Homes Workshop – Part 1: Big Picture – Why LEED and Process



LEED certification is the most well-known green rating system in the world, but how does the new version work with residential spaces such as homes and multifamily?

Join us as we take you through each phase of the project from design to operations and everything in between; discussing how to build and renovate a better living space for occupants. We will cover the new LEED v4.1 Single-family Homes and LEED v4 Multifamily Mixed-use Low to High-rise all-in-one.

Who is this for?
Architects, Building Owners, Developers, Builders, HVAC, Engineers, affordable housing experts, DIY homeowners, homebuyers, realtors, consultants looking to become LEED AP Homes certified, Raters and utility or govt officials looking to implement green building policies.

Here is what is covered in this series:

• Part 1: Big Picture Why LEED and Process
During this we will go over LEED data, LEED selling points, the Benefits and the process from start to end including who, what, where, when and why.

• Part 2: Preliminary Rating and Design Charrette
We will spend a lot of time here discussing the most important time of LEED during the early design stage when many non-green features can be weeded out with careful design. We will show videos and do exercise on the ventilation, water, waste and rem calcs and reports. We will discuss how to run a design charrette successfully as well to get a good outcome and assign tasks. We will discuss putting together contracts for subs to make sure they are in compliance with LEED.

• Part 3: Verification and During the Construction Process
We will discuss how projects usually play out during construction, what raters look for and what to look out for during the process. We will discuss the trade training opportunities during this time, sustainable sites, HVAC install, water management and insulation installation.

• Part 4: Final Submittal Stage
We will go over all the documentation needed here for a final submittal and how to be successful at getting it prior to the final stage to not hold up the project.

• Part 5: Operations and Marketing
Here will talk about marketing LEED for your firm, LEED EBOM and LEED Zero and how to design for these programs.

• Part 6: Next Steps and Q&A
Go over what to do next if you want to do a project, become a rater or become a LEED Homes.

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