LEED for Homes Post Occupancy Evaluation by MSU



Thanks to Michigan State University (MSU) for completing a study on Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of 235 LEED-certified homes in the Midwest. The goal is to identify the homes’ actual performance after people moved in, and also the benefits and shortcomings of the current LEED for Home certification system. The survey consisted of various categories including (1) general satisfaction with the LEED-certified home, (2) satisfaction about the home in general and various aspects of the indoor environment, (3) overall well-being including the health impact, (4) energy efficiency and building performance, (5) the environmental behavior of residents, and (6) demographics. The findings of this study revealed that most residents of the LEED-certified home were satisfied with their home and their quality of life in their home. As an accompaniment, you can review a pre-occupancy survey also completed on over 100 homes in the Midwest that focus on energy usage and savings predicted.

For more course information, click here: https://greenhomeinstitute.org/courses/leed-homes-post-occupancy-evaluation-msu/



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