Introduction to the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)



Similar to an energy score, a water score helps professionals and homeowners understand predicted water usage which is important for reducing utility costs of the home. It’s also essential to understand your project’s water impact because clean potable water globally is becoming a scarce resource and minimizing our use of water without sacrificing comfort or health is a goal for better homes.

GHI is partnering with the Green Builder® Coalition to pilot a water performance score pathway for GreenStar that helps derive predicted water usage and saving for new and existing residential properties. Learn how to use an informed guidance tool based on local rainfall and water costs to measure and mitigate storm water or catch valuable rainwater.

As part of the pilot, we are inviting qualified GreenStar professionals and raters to help take advantage of a first of its kind tool called the Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS). Outside of GreenStar, HERS raters can add water to their business models as well as professionals who want to build better water performing homes can use this tool to make better decisions. Policy makers can use the WERS to make programs, codes, incentives or guidance for their local jurisdiction.

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