Intro to Using Buildings as a Battery



This session reveals simple and instantly rewarding initiatives for Passive House construction and investments that can be implemented using basic off-the-shelf products and HVAC equipment. Position your company for new developments with resilient, Smart City ready low energy or net zero/intelligent buildings critical in attaining enhanced market appeal and competitive advantage.

This presentation will deliver the most up-to-the-minute status and outlook on how supercharged Building as a Battery (BaaB™) solution works in real USA and Canadian projects. How alternative energy technologies interconnected with BaaB™ are most likely to capture significant green market share.
This is your chance to learn from an industry expert on how to take advantage of today’s “high performance” standards and position yourself and your buildings for new developments already on the horizon with resilient, low energy, and healthier buildings.

The nuts and bolts of this hands-on approach and how to translate current designs into robust performance will be discussed in great detail.

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