In-Home High Performance Testing Training Workshop


This workshop offers architects, builders, contractors and industry pros an in-home hands-on opportunity to learn how to design, install and verify homes to high performance standards and above-code programs. For this workshop, member professionals lead a walkthrough of a pre-drywall home to demonstrate energy efficient and high performance construction techniques including air sealing, insulation installation and HVAC design.  Sponsors and other NCBPA member companies join in the conversation to share their best practices and learn from others. After touring the pre-drywall home and having lunch, attendees watch a live blower door test at a completed home.  With an improved understanding of how and why to use a blower door test, attendees then participate in a discussion led by NCBPA staff about the state’s residential energy code.  Lastly, NCBPA staff present on best practices for earning a higher appraisal value and sale price for energy efficient, green and high performance homes.

Contact us for more information on opportunities to present this course via webinar, in-person workshop or other type of presentation!