How to use the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Program!



Until now, multifamily new construction projects seeking ENERGY STAR certification have had to either participate in the Certified Homes program or the Multifamily High Rise program. To better serve the multifamily sector, EPA developed the ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction (MFNC) program, which serves all multifamily buildings and is available for use now. The program features technical requirements from the Certified Homes and MFHR programs, allows three options to achieving the Performance Target (ERI, ASHRAE 90.1, Prescriptive), and has adopted the Certified Homes checklist-style for its program documents.

This session will provide an overview of the MFNC program requirements & certification process, building eligibility, important transition dates, key changes from the current Certified Homes & MFHR requirements, and how to find related information on the website.

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