HomeEnergyNC Workshop for Residential Consumers



NCBPA is proud to make this workshop available to residential consumers, companies and organizations looking to offer their employees energy efficiency education!  Developed in partnership with the Duke University Carbon Offsets Initiative, this workshop offers private companies, local governments, nonprofits and many others opportunities to educate their employees on how to take advantage of the benefits of home energy efficiency. Participating employers demonstrate their commitment to energy efficiency by hosting the workshop, but also benefit from more healthy employees, increasing worker productivity! Participating employees learn about the benefits of home energy upgrades and improvements from industry experts through hands-on training on how to make these upgrades on their own or with a contractor. NCBPA staff and partners are ready to offer the workshop with companies and organizations in your local community across the state.  Contact us at Info@BuildingNC.org or 919-841-6207 to talk about offering the workshop to an organization near you, or to become an approved trainer for your local community!

For more information visit: www.HomeEnergyNC.org/Employers

Contact us for information on presentation opportunities for this course!