High Performance Options in Building and Energy Code



Available for residential and commercial construction, this workshop provides an overview of minimum building and energy code requirements for all types of homes and buildings, followed by a deep dive into options for high performance products, design specifications and features.  Instructed by NCBPA’s expert staff, builders, code officials, contractors, municipalities and many others will learn how to cost-effectively meet minimum code requirements and implement valuable high performance construction practices.

This workshop is available as a webinar, a one or two-hour overview, or a half or full-day in-person workshop.  Questions answered during this workshop include:
1. How are architects, builders, contractors, product suppliers and others complying with new energy code requirements, particularly with changes to the use of COMcheck and REScheck?
2. What best practices are being used to ensure cost-effective design specifications, product selection and installation?
3. How can residential builders and code officials benefit from the new Energy Rating Index compliance option?
4. How can your company benefit from state, federal and utility rebate opportunities?
5. What’s next for NC’s energy codes?

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