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Design Your Own Sustainable Home is The Endeavour Centre’s most popular workshop. This workshop has been called exciting, engaging and even life changing. You will be guided through the process of setting the goals that will shape your project and learn how to assess all the available material and system options to meet your goals. Instructor Chris Magwood is an expert guide for this journey, having helped hundreds of owner-builders through the process of designing and building their dream green home.

This was the second of a three-part series of events in Asheville with Chris Magwood from Friday, Sept. 6 through Sunday, Sept. 8, hosted by the nonprofit Green Built Alliance with the generous support of A-B Tech-s Construction Management, Building Science and Sustainability Technologies Department.

What’s involved in the Design Your Own Sustainable Home workshop? The workshop is designed to be an unbiased look at all the options available to the prospective owner-builder, and to assist you with tools to help you assess and choose your way to the house of your dreams. You will leave this workshop ready to handle all the competing claims and information you will face by focusing on your personal goals and aspirations and creating a road map for how best to meet them.

At the heart of the workshop is a Criteria Matrix that has been crafted to help you organize your priorities and to set goals for the project that ensure the outcomes you are after.

This course was the inspiration for Chris Magwood’s recent book, Making Better Buildings, and is the basis of his new book Essential Sustainable Home Design. Unbiased assessment of all the possible solutions is the focus of these books and the Design Your Own Sustainable Home workshop.

If you are considering a new building project or a major renovation, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to focus your ideas, establish your goals and learn how to make your way through all the noise and competing claims from builders, suppliers and manufacturers.

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