Database Overview for Greener More Efficient Multifamily Housing



Over the past year, the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation’s Clean Economy Manufacturing Center has researched and compiled detailed information on nearly 1,300 manufacturers who are making energy efficient products commonly used in the construction and retrofit of low-income residential and multifamily housing. Within their new database they assessed these products for location of manufacturing and for health criterial or reduce indoor air quality pollutants.

Our research has culminated in the creation of an online database that allows a variety of users – anywhere from residents to contractors, architects and manufacturers – to learn about the product origin, manufacturing footprint and chemical content of thousands of EPA Energy Star and Watersense certified energy efficient and water saving products. Interest and awareness is growing among people about the safety and health of the materials used in their homes as well as the economic impact that is created by purchasing domestically made products. The database is designed to serve a wide variety of users in helping them make informed decisions about products and the respective supply chains that can impact their health and their community.

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