Building Science 1.0: Overview and Introduction to Control Layers




In this two-hour, on-demand program Dr. John Straube describes the role of building science in effective design of building enclosures, specifically addressing requirements for control of rain and bulk water, air movement, thermal separation, and vapor diffusion. He explains why design professionals need to know which elements in a wall or roof assembly deliver each of these and clearly communicate this information to contractors and subcontractors.

Dr. Straube describes enclosures that deliver good energy performance and comfort in California climates. He briefly reviews current and upcoming requirements in the Title 24 Building Energy Standards for enclosures, including design review and commissioning. He closes by briefly discussing how building professionals can meet these requirements and produce better buildings through more integrative design, construction, and operation processes. A previous version of this class was titled “Building Science Principles and Practice for Nonresidential and Highrise Residential Enclosures”. Upon completion of this on-demand program, we encourage you to enroll in the 8-part, Building Science 2.X series also available on-demand. Each of the eight, one-hour programs covers a specific building science topic.


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