Building Energy Efficiency: The Foundation of North Carolina’s Clean Energy Future


Solar rooftops.  Wind farms.  Electric vehicles.  Battery storage.  Grid modernization.  These are the clean energy topics that most North Carolina advocates, policymakers, utilities and consumers are focused on in 2019.  What’s missing?  The largest, least-cost and most impactful sector of our state’s clean energy economy: energy efficiency.  This sector, which employs more than 55% of the clean energy workforce and contributes nearly 4% to the state’s annual gross domestic product, is often overlooked and sometimes ignored entirely.  With buildings consuming nearly 60% of our state’s annual energy usage and wasting nearly 17%, improving building energy efficiency could help to meet our clean energy goals 10 to 15 years faster than current goals of 30 to 40 years from now.  In doing so, the state and its citizens would benefit from lasting job creation, economic development, improved health and safety for citizens and workers, and much more.  Learn how North Carolina can meet its clean energy, renewable energy and carbon emission goals by implementing an #EnergyEfficiencyFirst strategy.

Presented by NCBPA’s Ryan Miller

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