Blower Door 101 – An Overview of Air Tightness Testing for Beginners


Air tightness testing for building enclosures is becoming more common in both new construction and existing homes. More states and code jurisdictions are now requiring new residential and commercial buildings to be tested before they are occupied. Not only is this true for the United States, but many other parts of the world as well. Having an air tightness requirement for enclosures and blower door testing to ensure the requirement is met provides occupants with more efficient, durable, comfortable and healthy buildings. HVAC and insulation contractors are also using blower doors to test the existing homes they work within to determine how air tightness contributes to the issues their customers are dealing with. Whether you are new to air tightness testing or in need of a refresher, tune into this webinar to learn the basics of air tightness testing with a blower door and how you can get involved in building performance.

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