2019 Title 24: Where We-re Headed With the Residential Standards



The 2019 Title 24 Building Energy Standards for Residential Buildings, scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2020, include numerous changes. The biggest changes center upon new prescriptive requirements for installation of solar photovoltaic systems in newly constructed residential buildings and specification of use of an Energy Design Rating in the performance approach to compliance to support solar photovoltaic requirements. There are also changes to requirements for ventilation, wall u-factor, fenestration, water heating, and residential HVAC among others.

Martyn Dodd will summarize the new and revised requirements in the 2019 standards for residential and low-rise multifamily buildings and direct participants to informational and training resources that provide more in-depth Title 24 information. Architects, energy consultants, contractors, and building department staff should find this training of interest and directly applicable to their work. Participants will benefit if they have some background on California?s Title 24 Building Energy Standards. See: http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/



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