High Performance Home In-Field Demonstration Event: When Performance Meets Value

On March 27, 2018, NCBPA and member company Performance Point hosted industry professionals at an ENERGY STAR-certified home in the Charlotte area to demonstrate performance testing practices and answer participant questions about how high performance homes yield greater value than others.  Watch the videos below to learn about the value of high performance homes and contact us for more information on these and other past events.

About the Event

What can you do to improve the performance and value of the homes you build or work with? On March 27, 2018, NCBPA and member company Performance Point held an in-field demonstration event with participants to show and discuss what it takes to design, install and verify homes to meet energy code minimums and how builders, contractors and consumers can benefit by participating in above-code programs.

The event started with an overview of current energy efficiency minimum requirements and a conversation about NC’s new residential energy code taking effect on January 1, 2019.  NCBPA’s Curt Hurd led a discussion on the coming changes and how to meet them using cost-effective design and install practices.  After the code discussion, Performance Point’s Sam Galphin spoke to the benefits of performance upgrades that builders and homeowners can take on to increase comfort, health, safety, energy efficiency and market value in their homes.

Following this discussion, attendees walked through the ENERGY STAR home to see first hand the design and installation decisions that impact energy efficiency, performance and value throughout the construction process.  Proper insulation and air barrier installation, air sealing, duct installation, bedroom balancing, ventilation and more were highlighted during the tour.  

Next, Performance Point’s Sam Galphin demonstrated how blower door testing verifies energy efficient and high performance home construction using third-party testing practices, data collection and energy modeling.  

The demonstration wrapped up with a conversation about best practices that all parties can follow to ensure that the homes they build, sell or value receive appraisals and sale prices comparable to the added performance measures and programs achieved.  NCBPA’s Ryan Miller spoke to NCBPA’s new market report that found a 2.8% percent sale price premium for high performance homes sold in the Charlotte market.  Best practice guides were handed out to all attendees.  Following the field demonstration, many attendees participated in a networking event at NoDa Brewing Company to continue the conversation.

NCBPA would like to thank Performance Point and all attendees for participating in the event!

Part 1: Welcome to the In-Field Performance Testing Demo

NCBPA Executive Director Ryan Miller provides an overview of the event.

Part 2: Walkthrough of the High Performance Home

Take a quick look at some of the home’s high performance features including the smart thermostat, attic spray foam and more!

Part 3: What’s changing with NC’s new code?

NCBPA’s Curt Hurd leads a discussion on key changes coming to NC’s new residential energy code, which starts on January 1 of 2019.

Part 4: Blower Door Demonstration

Sam Galphin of  Performance Point demonstrates how a blower door test is operated. Blower door testing is performed by Home Energy Raters for builders and homeowners to determine the home’s total air leakage. The better the test results, the more energy efficient, comfortable and durable the home will be!

Part 5: What did we learn today?

NCBPA’s Ryan Miller leads a wrap-up on what participants learned during the discussion and blower door testing. Questions about indoor air quality, HVAC system quality and more are answered in this group discussion.

Photos from the Event

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