NCBPA will be tracking progress of several bills throughout the 2021 North Carolina long legislative session. Check back here for important updates over the coming months. Updated May 26th: The bills we have been following marked with a red line
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Support the Expansion of Duke Energy’s Residential New Construction Incentive Program to the Carolinas Territory! UPDATE for April 27, 2021 NCBPA members have long advocated for an extension of Duke Energy’s wildly popular Residential New Construction Program to the Carolinas
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On Earth Day 2021, NCBPA is pleased to recognize and offer our support for today’s White House announcement of new climate initiatives that will drive immense progress towards environmental, economic and workforce benefits through building performance, energy efficiency and green
NCBPA is thrilled to share news that a new national, online and interactive Green Buildings Career Map was recently launched to share job and career opportunities in the Building Performance, Energy Efficiency and Green Building industry with students, their families,
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Looking for a spray foam insulation unit? Member company Indoor Environmental Systems has one for sale! Located in Cary, NC, this CPDS Series 1000 by Touch n’ Seal offers a constant pressure dispensing system for two-component polyurethane spray foam insulation
A code change proposal from NC Home Builders Association that was approved by the North Carolina Building Code Council in December has been “shelved indefinitely” after being flagged for a lack of credible and thorough cost analysis by Rules Review
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This report contains the Department of Environmental Quality’s annual status update to the JointLegislative Oversight Committee on Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources; FiscalResearch Division; and Local Government Commission for guaranteed energy savings contractspursuant to G.S. §143-64.17H. The contracts evaluate,
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A change to North Carolina’s building code would let developers skimp on insulation and other energy-saving basics in exchange for flashier elements such as solar panels and super-efficient appliances. The state’s building code council last month adopted the new rule,
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**** Update December 22, 2020 **** NCBPA is pleased to report that the transition from ENERGY STAR 2.0 to the new ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Certification Program has been formally adopted as a part of the 2021 QAP program.
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By Ryan Miller, Founder & Executive Director, North Carolina Building Performance Association This article details NCBPA’s opposition and concerns to two energy code change proposals currently under review by the North Carolina Building Code Council.  Proposed by the North Carolina
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