Market Valuation Committee

This committee is tasked with leading NCBPA’s work to improve the market valuation of energy efficient, green and high performance homes and buildings in the state. 

Committee Information

NCBPA invites member professionals interested in improving the market valuation of high performance buildings to join our Market Valuation Committee.  Your help is needed to develop and implement the resources we need to improve the financial return of energy efficient, green and high performance construction in North Carolina..

2019 Committee Priorities:

Our priorities for market valuation work in 2019 include:

  • “Greening” one of North Carolina’s metro-area residential MLS directories.
  • Completing our annual inventory analysis and sale price analysis on North Carolina’s commercial building performance market.
  • Piloting best practices and recommendations with residential builders to make incremental steps to improved market valuation in local markets across North Carolina.

Want to join the Committee?

Meetings are held via phone on an as-needed basis, generally every other month.

Click here for more information on our market valuation work and contact us to participate on this Committee.

Leadership and Staff Contacts

  • NCBPA Staff support provided by Abby Coulter, Curt Hurd and Ryan Miller.

Committee Members

  • Coming soon!