Insulation Contractor Trade Council

NCBPA and North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) formed this council in November of 2016 with residential single and multi-family insulation contractors, builders and home energy raters across North Carolina to address key needs and opportunities in the state’s residential insulation industry.

Council Work

The Trade Council began identifying and prioritizing market issues and opportunities that NCBPA and NAIMA can address through the creation of new resources, programs and events.  One example of a market need already identified is creating best practices and defining the business case for proper (Grade 1) insulation installation.

Additional goals of the Trade Council include:

  1. Improving relationships between insulation contractors and builders, HERS Raters and other trades

  2. Breaking down regulatory barriers that inhibit market growth.

  3. Identifying long-term opportunities that offer benefit to insulation contractors, their clients and homeowners.

Members of the Trade Council participate in monthly in-person regional meetings and conference calls to discuss these issues and others over the next six to twelve months.  Joining the council is voluntary and limited space is available.  There is no cost to participate.

Resources created by this Trade Council include:

  1. Two-page best practices summary for NC Builders to provide to their staff and subcontractors to help achieve Grade I insulation levels. Click here to download.

  2. Full best practices guide with Builder, HERS Rater, Insulation Contractor and other recommendations on achieving Grade I insulation installation in NC homes.  Click here to download.

  3. The development of a frequently-asked questions page on
  4. Additional resources provided by NAIMA:

In 2018, the Trade Council plans to work on these and other activities:

  1. The development of an insulation professional certification course and educational workshop.
  2. Establishing discount programs from product and service providers for NCBPA member companies.
  3. Assessment of wanted building and energy code changes impacting insulation.

NCBPA would like to thank NAIMA and the Insulation Institute for sponsoring this Trade Council.

Want to Join the Council?

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Leadership and Staff Contacts

Chair: Warren DuBose, Evergreen Foam & Insulation, Raleigh

We are currently seeking a Vice-Chair for this committee.  Contact us if you’d like to volunteer!

NCBPA Staff support provided by Curt Hurd and Ryan Miller.