Home Performance Contractor Trade Council

Formed in July 2017, this Trade Council is comprised of residential single and multi-family home performance contractors and retrofit specialists across North Carolina to address key needs, opportunities, and barriers in the state’s residential home performance industry.

Council Work

Members have worked with association staff to identify and prioritize market barriers and work through NCBPA resources to develop and implement solutions. One example of a market need already identified is educating the consumer market on options for residential improvements. To address this need, NCBPA is developing improvements to its existing consumer education website that offers helpful resources to homeowners and a Contractor directory.

Goals of the Trade Council include:

  1. Assessing improvement opportunities for utility rebate and incentive programs.

  2. Breaking down regulatory barriers that inhibit market growth.

  3. Improving the visibility and market value of Home Performance Contracting work in the real estate market.

  4. Enhancing workforce development resources focusing on a significant market need for skilled labor.

Members of the Trade Council participate in monthly in-person regional meetings and conference calls to discuss these issues and others over the next six to twelve months.  Joining the council is voluntary and limited space is available.  There is no cost to participate.

Want to Join the Council?

Contact us to talk about it!

Leadership and Staff Contacts

We are currently seeking a Chair and Vice-Chair for this committee.  Contact us if you’d like to volunteer!

NCBPA Staff support provided by Curt Hurd and Ryan Miller.