Commercial Buildings Trade Council

Formed in January of 2017, this Trade Council includes architects, developers, engineers, product manufacturers and others working in commercial green and high performance buildings that seek to improve the market through industry advocacy, policy and legislation, workforce development and building and property owner education.

Council Work

In 2017, the Trade Council held regular meetings to:

  1. Discuss market opportunities and barriers that could be addressed by NCBPA and member companies.
  2. Lead research and development into the association’s in-development commercial buildings education website.
  3. Coordinate advocacy efforts to combat budget cuts to key state agencies that support commercial building performance and performance contracting.

In 2018, the Trade Council plans to work on these and other activities:

  1. Surveying commercial and industrial building performance professionals across the state to learn what certification, credential and education programs are being used the most, the least and what gaps exist that could be addressed by NCBPA, member companies and government offices.
  2. Advertising the availability of as an educational website and referral engine for industry companies.
  3. Assessment of wanted building and energy code changes impacting commercial buildings.

Members of the Trade Council participate in monthly in-person regional meetings and conference calls to discuss these issues and others over the next six to twelve months.  Joining the council is voluntary and limited space is available.  There is no cost to participate.

Want to Join the Council?

Contact us to participate in this council.

Leadership and Staff Contacts

We are currently seeking a Chair and Vice-Chair for this committee.  Contact us if you’d like to volunteer!

NCBPA Staff support provided by Abby Coulter and Ryan Miller.