Building & Energy Codes Committee

This Committee is comprised of volunteer member professionals that work with NCBPA staff to improve the building and energy code environment for residential and commercial building performance in North Carolina. 

Committee Information

NCBPA invites member professionals interested in setting a new tone for how building performance, energy efficiency and green building are represented in North Carolina’s building and energy codes to join our Codes Committee.  No prior code or advocacy experience needed.

NCBPA is leading a wealth of short and long-term improvement opportunities for North Carolina’s codes and needs your help to move these initiatives forward.

2019 Committee Priorities:

Click here to view our 2019 code development priorities.

To view NBI’s webinar on Technical Proposals putting the IECC on a Glide Path to Efficiency (2021), click here.

Want to join the Committee?

Meetings are held via phone on the first Wednesday of every month at 10am.

Click here for more information on our codes work and contact us to participate on this Committee.