Improve your company and career

NCBPA offers member companies and professionals a wide array of services, programs, events and resources that improve your standing in North Carolina’s building performance industry. Read about these benefits below and click here to join the association!

The Benefits of Association

We like to refer to the benefits your company and its employees receive as “The Benefits of Association”.  Simply put, joining as a member company yields a variety of benefits through your industry association.  Whether you want to improve your company’s position in the marketplace, offer your employees educational opportunities or simply support your strongest industry advocate, NCBPA is here for you.

Watch the video below to hear from member professionals about the benefits of association with NCBPA:

Communications and Market Intelligence

NCBPA provides member employees with a weekly e-newsletter summarizing the latest news, best practices, events and articles from local, state and national sources to keep members informed of the latest technologies, trends and opportunities in home and building performance.  A summary of available jobs and any available RFPs or new program participation opportunities is also included.  Members also have access to a Member Portal on our website that archives the recent and past information provided by NCBPA in order to find it easily.  Lastly, urgent emails with legislative action alerts, new business opportunities and more are sent to members regularly.

Networking Events

NCBPA hosts quarterly networking events in each of North Carolina’s metro markets and others in non-metro markets throughout the year.  These events are free to attend and provide member professionals with networking opportunities that generate leads and referrals for your business through a fun and light-hearted setting.  Attend these events to reconnect with former business partners and customers, meet new vendors and clients, and gain a sense of shared community and support for your work.

Company Insurance and Employee Benefits

New in 2018!  NCBPA member companies now have access to discounted business insurance policies through NCBPA’s preferred insurance provider as well as access to a nationally-recognized Employee Benefits program with prices 20 – 50% less than market rate.  NCBPA is able to offer these programs to its members by representing many industry companies that do not currently receive these types of benefits through another association.  Contact us today to learn about rates and get a quote for business insurance and employee benefits services.

Educational Workshops and Webinars

NCBPA offers a variety of in-person and online educational workshops, courses and webinars throughout the year to educate and inform member professionals. These programs cover all aspects of home and building performance, including technical topics and business best practices. Continuing education units (CEUs) are provided whenever possible to support member professionals in achieving and maintaining important certifications and credentials.  Courses are taught by NCBPA staff, member employees and national industry leaders with years of in-the-field experience and a wealth of expertise.

Click here to view a running list of workshops that NCBPA staff can deliver to your company.

New in 2018: NCBPA offers a 1 to 4 hour workshop for companies and organizations interested in educating their employees on how to take advantage of the benefits of home energy efficiency.  In addition to saving money at home, the company’s employees will learn how simply DIY or contractor-performed upgrades and improvements can reduce sick time, improve health and safety, and provide a positive financial return on any investments made.

Workforce and Career Development

NCBPA leads efforts to connect industry professionals and students with internships, co-op programs, apprenticeships, part-time and full-time jobs across the state.  NCBPA also offers member company staff discounted pricing on workshops, conferences and monthly FREE webinars that encourage professional development and earn valuable CEUs for needed certifications.

  • Have a job available at your company?  Post it on our Job Board.
  • Looking for a job?  Post your resume on our Job Seeker board.
  • Needing career guidance?  Check out our Career Support page.

Referrals and Lead Generation

NCBPA regularly sends out targeted emails to member company owners and staff on new business opportunities, RFPs and business development events in their local areas that help drive leads and new business opportunities.  The association also exhibits at trade shows, industry conferences and other expos on behalf of our member companies to create leads for them.  The association also operates consumer education websites for residential and (coming soon) commercial customers that connect them to our member companies.  Additionally, NCBPA is involved in creating new market opportunities by supporting utility programs, grassroots consumer campaigns and through partnerships with Home Builders Associations and other trade groups across the state.

  • Social media promotion of your company’s success stories, accomplishments, customer testimonials and events
  • Introductions to new customers, vendors and partners via events and social media

Annual Conference and Quarterly Meetings

Since our first year in business, NCBPA’s annual High Performance Buildings Conference has offered contractors, product and service providers, and industry stakeholders an ongoing forum for sharing innovative products and ideas, learning new techniques and best practices, and gaining teaching experience presenting to fellow industry professionals.  Our conference brings together residential, commercial, governmental and other building owners, operators and contractors to network, learn and hold meetings to discuss industry promotional and growth opportunities.  Visit our Events Calendar for information on upcoming events, conferences and meetings.

Presentation, Teaching and Consulting Opportunities

Interested in teaching others about the value of building performance?  Have a product or service that you’d like to communicate to industry professionals?  Join NCBPA to gain access to our network of more than 10,000 NC-based industry professionals seeking valuable insight and information to make their own businesses better.  Presentation, teaching and consulting opportunities are available through our events and many others that we support.  Oftentimes, NCBPA staff will be asked by a municipality, nonprofit or government agency to help them take action on improving buildings.  On these occasions, NCBPA relies on industry professionals to step in and provide on-the-ground technical and business expertise that can earn them repeat business and recognition on projects they may not have been involved with otherwise.

Protecting Your Business Future

Whether you know it or not, NCBPA is looking out for your company’s business interests by advocating for a better business climate and lobbying for legislation that ensures your company and its workers can have a successful business climate to work in.  But… your company will only truly benefit by taking advantage of these opportunities.  Members are offered multiple opportunities in a calendar year to advocate and lobby local, state and national legislators, chambers of commerce, businesses and other key stakeholders.  Topics include improvements to building and energy codes, employment practices and many others important to our members.

Policy and Legislation

NCBPA is the only organization in North Carolina whose policy and legislative work is dedicated solely to protecting and promoting home and building performance, energy efficiency and green building companies and workers.  Our government affairs team, led by Executive Director and lead lobbyist Ryan Miller, works with legislators, partner organizations, policy makers and member companies to promote a positive policy climate for our businesses and prevent harmful legislation from causing damage to our industry.

Industry Research and Promotion

NCBPA  leads efforts to research industry needs and innovations while promoting the benefits of building performance across the state.  Each year, NCBPA performs an annual market survey that collects data on NC’s energy efficient, green and high performance home and building inventory in order to promote the added benefits of better buildings in our state, while also identifying areas of opportunity.  We routinely survey residential and commercial industry companies and professionals to obtain helpful information on market conditions that is shared with our member companies and, in some cases, our sponsors that support programs including job training.  These surveys provide our market with helpful insight in how our industry’s businesses are evolving, with business practices and technical specifications.  Doing so allows them to achieve greater success in the marketplace.  Click here to view our research and reports.

Trade Councils

Our trade councils offer members professionals an active means to lend their voice and expertise to guiding and shaping the direction of the association and its involvement within the industry.  Whether you’re an industry veteran interesting in helping to create a lasting industry or a young professional seeking to learn from others while contributing your motivation and energy, you’ll find a way to contribute and benefit through our volunteer positions.

Free Efficiency First Membership

Member companies working in existing single and multifamily homes receive a free membership with Efficiency First, the national home performance association.  This membership provides a variety of benefits on its own: monthly webinars, discount programs and educational information at the national level.  Join NCBPA and select the “Free Efficiency First Membership” option to begin taking advantage!

Discount Programs with State and National Vendors and Organizations

For just $250 – $450 per year per company, NCBPA offers a variety of money saving opportunities for members.

  • NCBPA negotiates special discounts with several state and national premier industry product distributors, suppliers and manufacturers to help members save thousands on their product purchases.
  • NCBPA also works with service providers to enable our members to receive discounted pricing for valuable service needs.  With TriNet, NCBPA members can save 20 – 50% on the costs of business insurance including worker’s compensation, and can receive additional discounts on employee benefits programs.
  • Save time and money searching for qualified staff by posted an available position on our Job Board.
  • Save on expensive out-of-state travel for required continuing education credits by participating in local CEU opportunities, both in-person and online.
  • Easily find new products and services that your business needs to succeed.  Attend an educational workshop, view a recorded webinar or visit an Exhibit Hall at a conference to meet nationally-recognized product and service providers.

Discount Programs with Efficiency First

NCBPA members who choose to take advantage of a free membership with Efficiency First, the national trade association for home performance contractors, receive a wealth of product and service discounts from national vendors.  Click here for more information.

  • Receive discounts and benefits with The Home Depot!  Efficiency First is collaborating with Home Depot and U.S. Communities on a cooperative purchasing program that combines and strengthens the purchasing power of home performance contractors nationwide, providing a rebate for Efficiency First that benefits contractors who work with government entities, utilities and individual customers to retrofit buildings all across America. EF then rewards participants by offering valuable money-saving benefits from EF, BPI, and HPC.  Sign up for program and receive credit for your purchases at The Home Depot that benefits Efficiency First, state chapters like NCBPA, and our member companies.
  • 10% discount on dealer startup kit with Indow Windows.
  • 7% discount off the best price for all products with TruTech Tools.
  • 50% discount on registration for EGIA’s Contractor Leadership LIVE educational and networking events.
  • 10% discount off SnuggPro Energy Assessment Software.
  • 10% off MSRP of Treat single family or multifamily software.
  • $250 off setup fees with Energy Circle PRO.
  • $20 discount on print-only or print + online subscriptions to Home Energy Magazine.
  • 10% discount for membership with Green Builder Magazine.
  • Discounts to Home Performance Coalition national and regional conferences.
  • Additional discounts for products, services and educational courses available!

Support for Filing Contractor Grievances and Licensing Issues

In response to member requests, NCBPA supports member companies looking to file anonymous complaints through licensing boards and regulatory agencies.  In some cases, contractors may wish to remain anonymous when filing a complaint against another contractor.  In theses cases, member companies may contact NCBPA via email or phone  in order to file a contractor complaint on their behalf.  Once filed, NCBPA facilitates communications with the agency in order to maintain anonymity of the filing member company.  If your company needs NCBPA to provide this service to you, please contact us at or 919-841-6207 to schedule time to speak about the issue.

Technical Assistance and Business Guidance

Need help but don’t know where to turn?  Email or call our friendly association staff to speak with one of our experts in residential or commercial building performance.  Odds are that we can answer your most challenging technical or business question.  But, in the rare case that we cannot, NCBPA has a strong network of member companies and partner organizations that will make sure you get the answer you need in a timely manner.