Workforce Development:

Update as of June 2, 2020:

While we wait to hear about the status of our grant application to Duke Energy Foundation with our partner NC Clean Energy Technology Center, NCBPA is gearing up to take on a few of the most important activities recommended by our members and partners, as listed in our recent Workforce Development Report.
As we reported a few weeks ago, we’ll be shifting our efforts to address our current and future market, as opposed to the one we had earlier this year. A greater focus will be provided on remote learning opportunities, working to lower the costs of certification programs, and focusing our career pathways development on how this needed resource can be used to aid our workforce and companies in the future recovery period.
Additionally, we’ll be spending some extra time working on the early steps to outline needs and opportunities specific to the two proof of concept trades that we identified as being priority areas for our grant project: commercial building automation and residential insulation installation.
Let us know what suggestions you have and what resources your company could use to help it hire, rehire or focus on retaining your workers in the coming months.

Highlighted Workforce Development Resources: