Promoting Our Industry:

Since 2014, NCBPA has worked with our members and partners to identify pathways to growing our industry and the businesses of member companies.

In 2020, we’re taking these efforts further than before by dedicating an entire year to making progress through direct industry promotion activities.  Nationally-advertised social media posts, news articles, case studies, project highlights and much more will bring greater attention to North Carolina’s building performance industry.  And, during our August 24 – 26 Conference, North Carolina and the host city of Raleigh will be put on a large stage for many to see and learn what our industry, and our member companies, are doing to achieve significant successes.

Participate in Our #BestInBuildingperformance Campaign:

We are in the final stages of developing graphics, social media posts, case studies and more with member companies and professionals that have contacted us to participate in this new (and first time) national industry promotion campaign, getting started in just a few weeks. This campaign will bring national attention to how North Carolina is one of the #BestInBuildingPerformance. To do so, we’ll be highlighting the outstanding People, Companies and Projects from our membership that prove our point! Want to participate? Visit our in-development webpages (not-advertised yet!) to see examples that we’ve already setup, and then send us your company’s stories to be included as well!

Activities Planned for 2020:

NCBPA staff, members and partners are already hard at work on a wealth of activities related to this strategic initiative.  Here are some of the highlights found in our new 2020 Strategic Plan:

  1. Working with national industry partners, deliver a nationwide industry promotion campaign that highlights NC’s leadership position in building performance to yield new revenue, partnership and innovation opportunities to the association’s members and the association itself.
  2. Highlight member companies, their employees, their products and their projects through frequent social media posts.
  3. Promote case studies, videos and testimonials across our industry through email campaigns that target key industry groups, related contractor groups and other state, regional and national organizations.
  4. Improve the messaging effectiveness and impact of key NCBPA campaigns by coordinating active member participation in print and digital op-ed articles at the state, regional and national levels.
  5. Facilitate member-based educational events and tours that promote high performance projects on a national stage and encourage stakeholders and consumers in local markets to participate.
  6. Facilitate entry, mid and expert level educational courses that demonstrate our industry’s leadership in training our current and future workforce on high performance standards.
  7. Pursue initiatives and partnerships that allow NCBPA to better define key industry data points (industry size, revenue, employees, etc.) and key performance indicators (growth, profitability, etc.) that are needed to better track growth and in the coming years.
  8. Bring recognition to member companies and education providers by developing and promoting testimonials from students and member professionals that have worked with NCBPA to find jobs and new career opportunities in North Carolina and other states.

Support This Work By

  1. Share your case studies and testimonials with NCBPA
  2. Promote articles and events from NCBPA nationwide
  3. Connect NCBPA to national companies and partners
  4. Tag NCBPA and other members in social media posts