Consumer Education

Starting in January of 2020, NCBPA will monitor for opportunities to improve consumer education through its strategic initiatives, events and communications.  We will continue to offer free educational resources to consumers of all types and look for ways that we can further improve on consumer education needs and opportunities.

However, our membership has not prioritized this area of our work for 2020, so we have few plans to make significant investments in time or resources.

Activities underway that improve this area of our industry include:

  • Providing free online educational resources to home, building and property owners that encourage their commitment to high performance construction.
  • Promoting consumer participation in “building performance” (not “green”) as a brand.
    • NCBPA will continue to write industry articles like this one on this topic.
    • NCBPA encourages our members to share your article and news with us.
    • NCBPA will be an active participant in the 2020 Triangle High Performance Home Tour, formerly named the Triangle Green Home Tour.
  • Initiating advertising and marketing campaigns to promote our industry and its work.
  • Promoting the health, safety, durability, environmental and energy benefits our work offers.
    • NCBPA will continue to work with our members to write industry articles like this one.