Commercial Building Commissioning:

Update on Recent Work as of June 12, 2020:

NCBPA is in the final stages of development on a few resources that will be used to support our members involved in commercial building commissioning.  Contact us if you’d like to get involved in these efforts:
Code Proposals: 
NCBPA is replying on members to help us finalize code proposal forms that will be presented at the August/September Council meeting. The proposals seek to put back prior code reporting requirements that were removed during the last code cycle and tweak a few key areas that our members believe should be required. This work supports a longer-term effort by NCBPA to establish more stringent commissioning requirements in the next three-year code cycle starting in 2022.
Educational Brochure: 
NCBPA is finalizing a brochure that can be used to easily explain the role of commercial building commissioning in the current and future construction market with an emphasis on detailing the importance of commissioning procedures to architects, developers and code officials. The brochure will be developed by NCBPA and can be used by member companies to offer third party support for their communications with these and other stakeholders.
Career Opportunities Brochure: 
A second brochure is being developed that focuses on job and career opportunities to support our industry’s interests in recruiting new talent to participate in commissioning work. This has been a gap identified by NCBPA and our members in recent years, as students report knowing about commercial green building programs like LEED but being unfamiliar with the commissioning process.

Minutes from Past Committee Meetings:

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