Incorporating Passive House Design & Construction Principles into Code Requirements and Best Practices

NCBPA is leading efforts to increase the usage of Passive House design and construction practices in residential and commercial buildings across the state.  Passive House is widely-recognized as the most energy efficient certification program available in the U.S., but is infrequently used due to little recognition in the market and perceptions around the cost of garnering a certification.  NCBPA offers a Passive House Committee that meets monthly to discuss the program and connect professionals and companies interested in learning how to incorporate the program in their next project.

How You Can Play a Role

Join NCBPA as a Member Company, Sponsor or Partner to begin participating in planning meetings, code development campaigns, events and policy advocacy to build the pathway!

NCBPA’s Role in Passive House

NCBPA leads efforts to incorporate Passive House into North Carolina’s built environment through these and other activities:

  1. Offering a Passive House Committee that meets monthly to discuss Passive House projects and collaborate on market development opportunities.
  2. Advocating for rebates, incentives and credit for Passive House certifications and principles in NCHFA’s low income multifamily construction program and from Duke Energy’s utility energy efficiency programs.
  3. Incorporating Passive House education into webinars, events and our 2020 conference.
  4. Advocating for the incorporation of Passive House principles and certifications into NC’s future building and energy codes as well as the pathway to Net Zero Energy New Buildings being developed by the association.
  5. Promoting Passive House projects from member companies to help educate and inform consumers, architects, builders and industry stakeholders.

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