Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Workers, customers, owners and operators are all impacted by the performance of the building they work, eat, workshop or spend time in. Studies show that high performance buildings result in more productive workers, more satisfied customers, greater market value and less maintenance.  All these benefits come with high performance design, construction and maintenance, which also reduces environmental impacts from buildings.

Buildings, Building Owners & Operators

NCBPA provides these resources to support commercial and industrial consumer education:

  • Now available!  NCBPA recently launched as a one-stop online resource for learning about, and taking action on, building performance.  The website provides:
    • Best practices for designing, constructing, improving and maintaining buildings to perform well.
    • Rebates and incentives for owners and operators.
    • DIY tips for restaurants, retail shops and many other building types to save energy and improve performance.
    • Contractor Directory for architects, commissioning agents and other contractors able to improve the performance of buildings across North Carolina.
  • Click here to view the educational workshops we offer building owners, operators and contractors.
  • Visit our Member Directory to find a member company in your area.