Learn about industry career opportunities

A shortage of skilled labor exists across the country and North Carolina’s booming construction market is not immune to it.  Workers are needed to help our industry companies design, build, repair and maintain high performance homes and buildings.  

National Job Shortage for Skilled Workers

There’s a well-known and long-lasting national shortage of skilled workers that makes “joining the trades” or putting a college education to use in an industry like building performance more valuable than ever.  Don’t believe us?  Click here to learn what TV host Mike Rowe thinks about the problem facing America’s economy.  Learn more about the national job shortage and what’s being done to address it from these resources:

Watch this short video on “exploring the trades” that highlights job opportunities that don’t require a four-year degree program.

Addressing the Skilled Worker Shortage in North Carolina

What’s happening in North Carolina to address this issue in our state?