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AB Tech Community College
Address: 340 Victoria Road
Asheville, NC
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AB Tech’s Building Construction Science Diploma program focuses on live projects and hands-on activities to teach students energy efficient construction materials and methods associated with high-performance buildings. Students will learn advanced framing methods and other alternative building techniques associated with ‘green building’. Students will also learn energy auditing techniques and software associated with building energy analysis. Students will graduate from this program with the skills required to build high-performance buildings and monitor their energy use. As the construction industry reinvents itself around more sustainable building concepts, the Building Construction Science Program at A-B Tech is the “go to” place for training and retraining for a new era of construction.  All credits in this program can transfer into the Associates Degree in Construction Management Technologies which would allow a student to graduate in two years with a diploma and a degree. Many of the credits transfer into our Sustainability Technologies program as well. Furthermore, some credits will transfer into four-year programs.

Phone Number: 828-398-7349
Advanced Energy
Address: 909 Capability Drive, Suite 2100
Raleigh, NC
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To us, Advanced Energy means combining research with expertise and collaboration to provide economic, environmental and societal benefits to energy issues. As in each of the markets we serve – from Industrial, Transportation and Renewables to Buildings and Motors and Drives – we take a whole systems approach to discovering, developing and implementing sustainable solutions. We do this by working to: Understand and manage energy to reduce costs and increase economic competitiveness; Help our communities prepare for transportation innovations powered by alternative fuels; Make our homes healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient; Improve the performance of motors and drives systems

Phone Number: 919-857-9051
Appalachian Energy Center
Address: 401 Academy Street
Boone, NC
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The Appalachian Energy Center (AEC) at Appalachian State University conducts energy research and applied program activities in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, forecasting and modeling, economic development, and policy analysis in a multi-disciplinary environment that leverages the expertise of faculty, staff, and students from across the University as a resource for private industry, local, state and federal governments, and non-profits. Through its outreach programs and research, the Appalachian Energy Center provides benefits to communities and citizens across the state, including the creation of new jobs and businesses, and increased investment and income.  Visit our Clean Energy Professional Development Workshop Series at

Phone Number: 828-262-8913
Appalachian State University
Address: 397 Rivers Street
Boone, NC
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Appalachian State University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Sustainable Technology helps students develop the skills needed to design, build and maintain technological systems that will help create a more sustainable world.  In this program, you will study renewable energy, biofuels, green building, computer modeling, sustainable transportation, sustainable resource management, and sustainable water and waste water technology. These are some of the world’s fastest growing technological areas, and they hold many new and exciting career opportunities.  The program, previously called Appropriate Technology, is housed in Appalachian’s Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment.

Phone Number: 828.262.3179
Building Efficiency Resources (The BER)
Address: PO Box 180
Cedar Mountain, NC
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The BER (pronounced “The Bear”) believes in the value of the energy efficient buildings, and are dedicated to providing industry-leading technical and customer support to our clients.  We are a National Provider of technical, educational and Quality Assurance services for Home Energy Raters (HERS) and building performance professionals throughout the United States.

Phone Number: 800-399-9620
Short Business Description: We are a building science training provider with over 10 years experience in training and certification.
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We are a building science training provider with over 10 years experience in training and certification. We offer services for testing new construction for air tightness as well as HVAC and duct testing to meet code compliance. We offer energy audits and combustion safety testing to all new and existing residential construction. We can set up classes one on one or in large groups for BPI certifications. We offer BPI certification training and testing for Building Analyst, Infiltration and Duct Leakage, Envelope Professional, Energy Auditor and Quality Control Inspector. We can also set up classes for utility programs or call centers to provide the Building Science Principles certificate of knowledge which is recommended for anyone in the industry that needs the basic knowledge.

Phone Number: 225-933-6145
Cape Fear Community College
Address: 411 N Front St
Wilmington, NC
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The Sustainability Technologies program is a unique and flexible curriculum designed to meet the challenges of the new energy economy. The program’s three focus areas – Sustainability, Renewable Energy, and Buildings – overlap to provide a technology-oriented and certification-based platform of training that can be found nowhere else. You have found the Sustainability program that WORKS! Graduates of the Associate in Applied Science Degree have the comprehensive knowledge to be competitive in many industries including construction, energy auditing, home inspection, facilities management, solar, wind, solar thermal, waste, environmental, consulting, sales and non-profit. Each of the three focus areas is also offered as a 5-course Certificate geared toward dual majors or professional development. In addition, a number of college transfer opportunities exist for students wishing to continue their education.

Phone Number: (910) 362-7761
Center for Energy Research and Technology
Address: 1601 E. Market Street
Greensboro, NC
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The Center for Energy Research and Technology (CERT) at North Carolina A&T State University is an interdisciplinary energy research center, created to foster collaborative research and development of new energy-related technologies. CERT focuses on basic and applied research, outreach and extension activities, and education related to: renewable energy; energy efficiency; alternative fuels and vehicle technologies; sustainable green buildings; and the environment.

Phone Number: 336-285-4738
Central Carolina Community College
Address: 764 West Street
Pittsboro, NC
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Are you excited about a career in the developing green economy?  Sustainability Technologies at Central Carolina Community College opens the door to a variety of careers in the growing green economy. The new Associate in Applied Science in Sustainability Technologies degree builds on the college’s long experience in training workers and entrepreneurs for fields that are both Earth-and consumer-friendly. Certificates and diplomas are also available.  Program Highlights: The Sustainability Technologies degree focuses on sustainability issues, Alternative Energy and Green Building. Core classes cover the major policy and development issues in sustainability metrics and practices. Students learn how to measure sustainability indicators, skills necessary for improving financial, social and environmental impacts. The Alternative Energy courses includes education on solar energy, wind power, hydroelectric, biofuels, and other sources of renewable energy. Renewable energy modeling, and design and installation skills are part of the program.  The Green Building track includes courses in energy analysis, architectural drawing, building science and green building certification programs. Students also receive hands on training- students construct a small house annually.  Employment opportunities exist in both government and private industry. Career options are varied, including sustainability consultants, renewable energy technicians, biofuels technicians, and green building supervisors. Plan your future in the growing green economy with training in Sustainability Technologies.

Phone Number: 919.545.8036
Central Piedmont Community College
Address: 1201 Elizabeth Ave
Charlotte, NC
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The Sustainability Technologies Associates degree curriculum is based on a core of required science and engineering courses and feature four specialty tracks that will prepare technicians to meet workforce demands for highly skilled workers. The required, core courses will include math, biology, ecology, sustainability, CAD, GIS and alternative energy courses. Students will also be required to master technical training courses with topics including energy, environmentalism, engineering and their economic and social impacts. Student Learning Objectives: At the completion of the Sustainability Technologies Program, students will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the three competing interest in sustainability; “people, prosperity and planet”.  Analyze energy usage, demand and conservation for a building envelope, devise a strategy for energy reduction and select appropriate alternative or renewable energy systems for implementation.  Evaluate an entity’s current sustainability standing and recommend changes needed for improvement.  Operate software and hardware for designing and modeling alternative/renewable energy systems.

Phone Number: (704)330-6836
Durham Technical Community College
Address: 1637 E Lawson St
Durham, NC
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The Construction Trades program provides participants with training for entry-level positions in building construction. In addition, specialty standalone courses are offered to help students learn and build upon specific skills needed to be more marketable in the building trades industry. Industrial trades such as mechanical and welding are also available.

Phone Number: 9195367200 x 2803
Euclid Training and Consulting
Address: 102-25 67 Drive
New York, NY
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Euclid Training & Consulting has all the tools you need to establish a knowledgeable staff and secure building that will meet and exceed expectations. The future is now. Training your staff in the different sustainability needs of their buildings will help them better understand their role and grow. Euclid works collaboratively with property owners and trainers for guaranteed measurable results in Preventative Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, and Osha 10 Certifications. We’re here for the same cause. Whether you are an energy rebate program or energy training service, Euclid can provide a wide range of consulting and referral logistics that can help you achieve winning numbers under a strict quota contract.

Phone Number: 917-318-8570
Everblue Training, LLC
Address: 210 Delburg Street
Davidson, NC
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Everblue provides intense green jobs training for building and construction professionals who are looking to learn more about sustainability, green building, and energy efficiency. Our exam prep courses prepare candidates for a certification exam such as LEED, BPI, RESNET, NATE, or NABCEP. Our courses are available live, online, and on demand in over 100 worldwide locations. Everblue’s award-winning curriculum is designed to help you succeed in the growing “green” industry.

Phone Number: 800-460-2575
ForMyGreenLife, LLC
Address: 307 Tayside Court
Charleston, SC
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ForMyGreenLife is a company dedicated to educating consumers and builders in energy
saving ideas while implementing energy saving measures in retrofits, design and building.

Our team is comprised of several Certified Energy Raters, Energy Rater Field Inspectors, BPI
Certified Designees, Engineers and HVAC Specialists. Our goal is to utilize our combined
expertise to make every new or existing home more energy efficient and cost saving for the

Phone Number: 877-966-5343
NC Clean Energy Technology Center
Address: 1575 Varsity Drive
Raleigh, NC
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The N.C. Clean Energy Technology Center is a UNC System-chartered Public Service Center administered by the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University. Its mission is to advance a sustainable energy economy by educating, demonstrating and providing support for clean energy technologies, practices, and policies. The Center provides service to the businesses and citizens of North Carolina and beyond relating to the development and adoption of clean energy technologies. Through its programs and activities, the Center envisions and seeks to promote the development and use clean energy in ways that stimulate a sustainable economy while reducing dependence on foreign sources of energy, and mitigating the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use. Since its founding as the North Carolina Solar Center in December 1987, the Center has worked closely with partners in government, industry, academia, and the non-profit community while evolving to include a greater geographic scope and array of clean energy technologies. As a result of this evolution, the Center has grown into a state agency respected for its assistance to the burgeoning “clean tech” sector in North Carolina, as well as one of the premier clean energy centers of knowledge in the United States.

Phone Number: 919-513-1896
RightTek HVAC Training, LLC
Address: 5448 Apex Peakway #108
Apex, NC
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Providing a full and comprehensive training package on all Heating & Cooling Topics! 
A Veteran Owned Business!
Two friends in the Heating & Cooling business met for dinner one night and talked about the need to provide quality HVAC Training to the next generation of service technicians.  One friend (Anthony) owned a successful Heating & Cooling business with an universal HVAC license (which means he can work on everything) and the other friend (Bill) was a mechanical engineer who was teaching HVAC courses at a local community college.  You could say that between them, these two guys know a lot about Residential HVAC Stuff.  So on that night, the seed was planted to start a Training Academy that would provide top-notch HVAC Training to those who really wanted to excel in the trade.  Fast forward through a considerable amount of planning and RightTek HVAC Training was formed to serve the Mid-Atlantic region.

We proudly serve small to large HVAC companies with the best possible training found anywhere.  With training locations throughout North Carolina and Virginia, we bring our training expertise to a location near you.

Phone Number: 919-475-2779