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Cape Fear Community College
Address: 411 N Front St
Wilmington, NC
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The Sustainability Technologies program is a unique and flexible curriculum designed to meet the challenges of the new energy economy. The program’s three focus areas – Sustainability, Renewable Energy, and Buildings – overlap to provide a technology-oriented and certification-based platform of training that can be found nowhere else. You have found the Sustainability program that WORKS! Graduates of the Associate in Applied Science Degree have the comprehensive knowledge to be competitive in many industries including construction, energy auditing, home inspection, facilities management, solar, wind, solar thermal, waste, environmental, consulting, sales and non-profit. Each of the three focus areas is also offered as a 5-course Certificate geared toward dual majors or professional development. In addition, a number of college transfer opportunities exist for students wishing to continue their education.

Phone Number: (910) 362-7761
Address: 1406 Transport Drive
Raleigh, NC
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CaraGreen LLC, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, distributes eco-friendly products as healthier alternatives to conventional building materials. Products include surfacing materials, acoustic solutions, insulation and exterior cladding for all project types. CaraGreen focuses on educating the design and building communities to increase awareness of products that contribute to creating healthier spaces.

Phone Number: 919-929-3009
Carolina Crawl Space Solutions
Address: PO Box 1060
Beaufort, NC
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Carolina Crawl Space Solutions is owned and operated by Leonard Farrugia. We have been serving eastern North Carolina and surrounding areas since 1999. We specialize in home remodeling, windows, vinyl siding, roofing & any of your homes needs. We are certified mold inspectors & remediation certified through the Southeastern Mold Institute. Finding a responsible and trustworthy contractor is challenging, but you'll find that Carolina Crawlspace Solutions adhere to simple guidelines of respect, integrity, and responsibility. Simply showing up on time for appointments, performing the work that we contract to do, and standing behind our warranty help demonstrate to homeowners that we will be there when you need us.

Phone Number: 252-727-5884
Carolina Home Performance
Address: 2428 Pine Meadow Dr.
Kernersville, NC
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Carolina Home Performance Inc. began in 2009 with the goal of helping homeowners and builders retrofit or build their homes sustainably, efficiently, and affordably. For existing homes our process of evaluating, recommending cost effective improvements, and assisting with the implementation of the recommendations, is the most efficient way to improve your homes comfort, efficiency, and safety. For new homes we work with the builder from the design phase to the time the keys are turned over to the homeowner. We'll help you plan to meet energy efficient and/or green building guidelines.

Phone Number: 336-501-8882
Carolina Weatherization
Address: 4824 Watkins Road
Raleigh, NC
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Stop Wasting Energy and Start Saving Money! Call Carolina Weatherization and find out how! Wasted energy can account for nearly 30% of your energy costs. While energy efficient solutions such as changing your light bulbs and unplugging your television are simple ways to lessen energy consumption, properly weatherizing your home can greatly reduce wasted energy. Energy efficient solutions in your Raleigh, NC, home can save energy costs, but weatherizing your home can also help regulate temperatures inside the home and increase air quality. At Carolina Weatherization, we’re confident that your home in the Raleigh/Durham, NC, area will benefit from our residential insulation services. From air duct sealing to attic insulation, we can do it all. It’s hard to imagine that inadequate residential insulation in one area or a small gap below the door can cost you hundreds annually on your energy bill but it’s true. The experts at Carolina Weatherization can identify and remedy possible areas where energy is escaping your home. Insulation upgrades, radiant barriers, crawlspace insulation and crawlspace encapsulation for your Raleigh, NC, home are all ways to help regulate the temperature, improve air quality and, perhaps best of all, reduce your energy bills.

Phone Number: 919-261-0005
Casey Services HVAC, Inc.
Address: 4900 Purnell Road
Wake Forest, NC
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Since 1971, our licensed and insured HVAC contractors have been proudly serving Wake Forest and its surrounding areas. We provide residential and commercial air conditioning service and installation, heating service and installation, and indoor air quality products. We perform all work quickly and correctly, but what we strive to do is make HVAC more accessible and understandable for our customers so that we are ultimately working together to create better living conditions.

Phone Number: 919-556-3338
Center for Energy Research and Technology
Address: 1601 E. Market Street
Greensboro, NC
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The Center for Energy Research and Technology (CERT) at North Carolina A&T State University is an interdisciplinary energy research center, created to foster collaborative research and development of new energy-related technologies. CERT focuses on basic and applied research, outreach and extension activities, and education related to: renewable energy; energy efficiency; alternative fuels and vehicle technologies; sustainable green buildings; and the environment.

Phone Number: 336-285-4738
Central Carolina Community College
Address: 764 West Street
Pittsboro, NC
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Are you excited about a career in the developing green economy?  Sustainability Technologies at Central Carolina Community College opens the door to a variety of careers in the growing green economy. The new Associate in Applied Science in Sustainability Technologies degree builds on the college's long experience in training workers and entrepreneurs for fields that are both Earth-and consumer-friendly. Certificates and diplomas are also available.  Program Highlights: The Sustainability Technologies degree focuses on sustainability issues, Alternative Energy and Green Building. Core classes cover the major policy and development issues in sustainability metrics and practices. Students learn how to measure sustainability indicators, skills necessary for improving financial, social and environmental impacts. The Alternative Energy courses includes education on solar energy, wind power, hydroelectric, biofuels, and other sources of renewable energy. Renewable energy modeling, and design and installation skills are part of the program.  The Green Building track includes courses in energy analysis, architectural drawing, building science and green building certification programs. Students also receive hands on training- students construct a small house annually.  Employment opportunities exist in both government and private industry. Career options are varied, including sustainability consultants, renewable energy technicians, biofuels technicians, and green building supervisors. Plan your future in the growing green economy with training in Sustainability Technologies.

Phone Number: 919.545.8036
Central Piedmont Community College
Address: 1201 Elizabeth Ave
Charlotte, NC
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The Sustainability Technologies Associates degree curriculum is based on a core of required science and engineering courses and feature four specialty tracks that will prepare technicians to meet workforce demands for highly skilled workers. The required, core courses will include math, biology, ecology, sustainability, CAD, GIS and alternative energy courses. Students will also be required to master technical training courses with topics including energy, environmentalism, engineering and their economic and social impacts. Student Learning Objectives: At the completion of the Sustainability Technologies Program, students will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of the three competing interest in sustainability; “people, prosperity and planet”.  Analyze energy usage, demand and conservation for a building envelope, devise a strategy for energy reduction and select appropriate alternative or renewable energy systems for implementation.  Evaluate an entity’s current sustainability standing and recommend changes needed for improvement.  Operate software and hardware for designing and modeling alternative/renewable energy systems.

Phone Number: (704)330-6836
Centricity Warranty Group
Address: 11101 Roosevelt Blvd N
St. Petersburg, FL
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Centricity® offers a range of products, from classic new home warranties to energy efficiency programs. As a Centricity® builder member, you have access to more products that differentiate you from the competition and provide your homeowners with complete protection. With over 25 years of experience protecting the American Dream, we provide you and your home buyer with peace of mind.

Phone Number: 704-226-6631
Cimarron Homes
Address: 1803 Grande Oaks Rd
Durham, NC
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Welcome to Cimarron Homes! We are a Durham, North Carolina-based company committed to building custom and production value-packed homes that are beautiful, functional, energy efficient, and environmentally responsible. We’ve been in the home building industry since 1982, with over 3,200 homes to our credit throughout Durham, Granville, Orange, Chatham, and Alamance Counties. Our history includes our pride in being one of the areas only production builders to construct each and every home with both NGBS Green Certification and Energy Star-Certification. We also take pride in offering NGBS Green Certified and Energy Star-Certified custom built homes, an ever-growing segment of our organization. Whether we build on your lot or ours, we will build the home you’ve always wanted, exactly the way you want it. We thank you for your interest, and we invite you to learn more about Cimarron Homes!

Phone Number: 919-382-2888 #109
City of Elizabeth City
Address: 304 E. Colonial Ave.
Elizabeth City, NC
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Elizabeth City is a wonderful community that has been named one of the “100 Best Small Towns in America” and is ranked by Money Magazine as "one of best places to live on the East Coast." Situated in the northeastern corner of North Carolina on the Pasquotank River and Intracoastal Waterway, the City lies just west of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and just south of Hampton Roads, Virginia. It is rich in history yet progressive and growing.

Phone Number: 252-338-3981
Coefficient Engineers
Address: 7039 Northwinds Dr NW, Ste C
Concord, NC
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Coefficient Engineers provides collaborative, efficient engineering solutions for your Built Environment. HVAC system designs that save you money and energy and keep you comfortable are our specialty. If you need building commissioning services, energy modeling, simulation and analysis, refrigeration systems, or advice on low GWP refrigerants, we can help you with these and many other solutions. Our owner is a 20-year HVAC industry veteran and licensed professional engineer with LEED credentials and ASHRAE High Performance Building Design certification. We have the expertise you need for your next building project now.

Phone Number: 704-312-4105
Commissioning WorCx
Address: 4915 Piedmont Parkway
Jamestown, NC
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Our Mission

We specialize in commissioning new buildings and retrocommissioning existing buildings to ensure they meet their Owner’s Operating Requirements. We guide the design and installation of energy efficient and cost effective Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning systems and controls. Our goal is to provide long term value for building owners, to make sure building operators are properly trained, and to enhance the sustainable, carbon-friendly footprint of the built environment.

What is Commissioning?

Commissioning is a quality control process that ensures that a building owner gets the fully operating building that he paid for. In its most effective form, Building Commissioning starts at the conceptual design stage, and ends when the 12-month warranty period expires. It is also most effective when performed by a Commissioning (Cx) Agent who is independent of the Architect, Engineer, and Contractor, under contract directly to the Owner. It is most commonly applied to the mechanical systems, but also may include the electrical and life safety systems. These are the dynamic systems of the building with all the moving parts and complex interactions that provide the safety and comfort that the building occupants and owners expect. (

Primary Focus

Our primary business is commissioning new buildings and Retrocommissioning existing buildings to ensure that they meet Owners’ Operating Requirements, operate in an energy efficient and sustainable manner, and that building operators are properly trained. All of our efforts are focused on learning, and sharing knowledge gained and “lessons learned” with our present and future potential clients (and anyone else who is interested). We are actively involved in promoting commissioning through USGBC board membership, Building Commissioning Association participation, and facilitating training seminars for the Professional Engineers of North Carolina. We are also participants in the NC State Commissioning Committee and the PENC commissioning committee.

Experience and Credentials

Commissioning WorCx was founded based on 25+ years of Design/Build mechanical, electrical, and controls installation and service experience. During that time we worked closely with owners to help them evaluate their needs and then designed systems to meet their needs (and budgets). We oversaw the installation of mechanical systems, building management control systems and associated electrical installations. We were involved internally and externally with startup, test and balance, and commissioning of all these systems. We provided training or personnel to maintain and service the systems on an ongoing basis. We saw first hand that the systems met the owners’ requirements and fixed them when they didn’t.

This “cradle to grave” involvement embodies what commissioning is really all about. It is about total focus on the owners’ needs, and how to meet them.

We have demonstrated our abilities by achieving Certified Building Commissioning Professional status through the Association of Energy Engineers.

In addition, we were born and raised in the Triad and graduated from college in the Triangle, so our focus is completely on this area and we are not going anywhere else.

Commissioning Approach

Our commissioning approach is very hands on. We can communicate well with contractors, subcontractors, Engineers, and Owners at the on-site level. Our relationship with suppliers and contractors at all levels, and extensive knowledge of how the marketplace works allows us to expedite on the job issue resolution.

We follow and adhere to the Building Commissioning Association’s Attributes and follow the procedures outlined in ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005, The Commissioning Process.

Phone Number: 336-601-2249
Concept 8, LLC
Address: 307 S. Salem St., Suite 200
Raleigh, NC
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Concept 8 LLC, is a unique partnership of real estate development, design, and construction expertise in the Raleigh area, founded in 2012. We provide clients with full-service general contracting through the design-build process, bringing experience and aptitude to every stage of real estate and project development. Concept 8 is the one-stop shop for clients seeking a thoroughly-streamlined and concerted real estate development experience.

Phone Number: (919) 883-4941
Conservation Pros
Address: 53 Wellington Street
Asheville, NC
Business Description:

Conservation Pros is a different kind of Home Improvement Company. We don’t represent any particular product, manufacturer or technology. That way, we can listen to you, the homeowner, and offer solutions that help you to achieve your goals, not ours. Our salaries are not based on whether or not we can get a particular product into your home. We offer an incredibly broad selection of products and services, all managed and designed in-house. Sure, we’re looking to make a sale. But, we’re free to sell you what you need, not what we need you to buy. At Conservation Pros, we take a holistic approach to the analysis and retrofitting of homes. A strategy, it seems, that few companies are willing to take. Individual strategies for individual homes are unwieldy and complex. But we’re up for the challenge. We take pride in what we do. We want you to take pride in the work we’ve done for you. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and holistic analysis of your home, give us a call today. If, however, you’re just looking for cheap insulation, we’re probably not the company for you. Feel free to call anyway, we can point you to someone who is right for you.

Phone Number: 828-713-3346
Crawlspace Depot
Address: 420 Prescott Street
Greensboro, NC
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Crawlspace Depot is a leading provider of crawlspace products throughout the country. The company provides adhesives, drainage products, insulation, tape, tools, wall and floor liners and much more - everything that a crawlspace contractor might need.

Phone Number: 888-331-9991
Deltec Homes
Address: 69 Bingham Road
Asheville, NC
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Deltec Homes is an award-winning prefabricated home manufacturer based out of Asheville, NC. Our high performance homes will outperform traditional style homes in terms of sustainability, strength, quality and design. Offering round, traditional and modern prefab kits, our homes are best known for their energy efficiency, flexible floor plans, and hurricane and high wind resistance. We pride ourselves on manufacturing our homes sustainably in a production plant that is powered with 100% renewable energy. Our focus is to minimize waste and improve the environment while providing customers with the strongest homes possible. As an industry leader, we are constantly working to develop the latest innovations in homebuilding. Environmental responsibility is an integral part of our core values. Energy efficiency comes with every home we ship, and we offer a wide variety of products and options aimed at energy savings and durability. We make it easy to build a sustainable home anywhere, whether you're looking for basic green building, passive solar or all the way to net-zero.

Phone Number: (828) 253-0483
Devita Engineering
Address: 900 Center Pk Dr, Suite E
Charlotte, NC
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DEVITA is an engineering firm composed of a dynamic group of professionals committed to success... yours and ours. Our success is deeply rooted in our core values; values that focus on integrity and results. Founded in 1984, DEVITA is an employee-owned company offering comprehensive, multi-disciplined engineering services for a variety of projects. As employee owners, we work hard because we know you work hard. We give you and your project the attention you expect, providing creative solutions and dependable results. With offices in Greenville, SC, Richmond, VA, Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC, we are well positioned to deliver a full range of engineering services for your industrial, commercial, or government agency projects. We work together with one goal in mind: exceeding your expectations time and again. Our team can provide coordinated engineering, consulting, and design services spanning our specialty divisions. With comprehensive mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and precast expertise, we've worked on projects of all sizes and for a wide range of industries.

Phone Number: 919-985-4404
Dogwood Architecture
Address: 1106 Audubon Blvd.
Wilmington, NC
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Sustainable Modern Vernacular. We design high performance structures that work for you.

Phone Number: 910-769-4467
DPIS Builder Services / Home Energy Group
Address: 1600 E. Hufsmith
Tomball, TX
Business Description:

We are educators in building better homes, and mitigating risks. Our team of certified inspectors and engineers not only provide superior inspections, but help educate your construction managers and trades on a daily basis to help them get the job done right — safely and efficiently. We know the ins-and-outs of codes and regulations, and can boost buyer confidence in building practices through certification by our Guardian Inspection Program.

Phone Number: 281-351-0048
Duke Energy Progress
Address: 400 S Wilmington St
Raleigh, NC
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We are one of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States, providing electricity to 7.6 million retail customers in six states. We have approximately 49,500 megawatts of electric generating capacity in the Carolinas, the Midwest and Florida – and natural gas distribution services serving more than 1.6 million customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and the Carolinas. Our commercial business owns and operates diverse power generation assets in North America, including a portfolio of renewable energy assets. We are transforming our customers’ experience, modernizing our energy grid, generating cleaner energy and expanding our natural gas infrastructure to create a smarter energy future for our customers.

Phone Number: 1-800-452-2777
Durham Technical Community College
Address: 1637 E Lawson St
Durham, NC
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The Construction Trades program provides participants with training for entry-level positions in building construction. In addition, specialty standalone courses are offered to help students learn and build upon specific skills needed to be more marketable in the building trades industry. Industrial trades such as mechanical and welding are also available.

Phone Number: 9195367200 x 2803
E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs)
Address: 1152 15th St NW
Washington, DC
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E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) was founded in 2000 on the premise that what’s good for the environment is good for the economy, and that smart environmental policies promote economic growth. Since then we’ve grown from a small group of business people to a nationwide organization with nine regional chapters and members who work or do business in every state. What we have in common is this: We care about the economy AND the environment, and we’re willing to dedicate our time and our voices to support and protect both.

Phone Number: 202.650.7660
E2 Technologies
Address: 145 US Hwy 70 West
Garner, NC
Business Description:

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Garner, with a satellite office in Fayetteville, E2 Technologies provides technical consulting and certification services for residential and commercial construction to builders, architects, developers and homeowners in North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Their mission is to promote and provide the best viable solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste reduction, servicing both residential and commercial industries.

Phone Number: 919-306-1230