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reNew Home works with homeowners, contractors, and property managers to take a synergistic approach to home renovations. Many of us live in beautiful old (or not-so-old) homes, but the enjoyment, peace, and value we should be getting out of our homes is diminished by poor performance. reNew Home thinks your home should look great and perform well. High Performance Homes recognize the interactions that take place among the different systems that are incorporated into the construction of a home. We focus on how energy, heat, air, and moisture move into, out of, and within a particular home, and implement custom-tailored solutions to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Along the way, we make sure that these performance improvements don’t cause any side effects that are harmful to the home or its occupants. In addition to helping the home perform the way it’s supposed to, we work with a network of skilled tradespeople and contractors to retain or improve the aesthetics and functionality of your home’s design. At the completion of the project, you can expect your home to be quieter, more comfortable, less expensive to live in, and more beautiful than ever!

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