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Devin Rohan- Seeking Full-Time HVAC, MEP, and Energy Performance Positions for Facilities in North Carolina 

Devin Rohan is an experienced professional in the field of energy savings assessment in facilities. He has knowledge of energy modeling and analyzing energy use in buildings through his experience as a Measurement and Verification Engineer with Johnson Controls and being contracted with a major electric utility in Pennsylvania and Ohio (FirstEnergy), to run its energy incentive program.  He also has some experience in heating/cooling load calculations and HVAC design from his time with a design/build contractor (Roth Bros.).  He is extremely passionate about the building sciences, eager to learn new skills, and hard working.  Finally, he is open to re-focussing his career to become an HVAC design engineer and is confident he could learn the position quickly, given the chance.  To convey this, he is currently working towards his EIT and PE licenses. (added 12/7/20)

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Vibhor Dutt – Seeking Full-Time Position in the Field of Building Energy Performance and Sustainability

After completing my Masters in Sustainable Engineering, I gained experience in the field of building energy performance where I handled multiple projects in the public and government sectors, with an outcome-based approach. I am a highly motivated and focused professional with a penchant for energy and sustainability. I have demonstrated experience as part of Measurement and Verification team where I worked on energy data analysis and reporting with targeted customer satisfaction. I am adept at providing solutions to reduce energy consumption while meeting the guaranteed savings with comprehensive support and maintenance. I was also involved in development projects that included energy auditing and modeling, and supported on some commissioning projects as well. I am looking for an opportunity that allows me to utilize, build upon and evolve my current skill-set with a potential to progress.

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Cade Justad-Sandberg – Seeking Full-Time Position in Triangle, NC Area to Create a More Sustainable and Resilient Built Environment

Cade Justad-Sandberg is a recent graduate of UNC Asheville where he studied biology and minored in computer science. He has worked a year as a sustainability professional as the Co-Director of the Student Environmental Center and just completed an internship in NASA’s applied earth science division where he used GIS, programming and satellite data to create a drought monitoring tool for a number of Central American countries. In addition to GIS training, he is experienced in finding efficient algorithm solutions to real world problems and applied research. He is seeking full-time employment or an internship with the chance for full-time employment that would allow him to work towards a more resilient, equitable and sustainable built environment in the Chapel Hill/Durham/Raleigh area.

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Dawn Strength – Seeking Full-Time Position with Buildings and Sustainability in the Fort Mill, SC or Charlotte, NC Areas

Dawn is an experienced Sustainability Manager with a demonstrated history of success in the built environment. Skilled in sustainability consulting, green building design, LEED, project management, life cycle assessment and community education & outreach. Strong corporate, non-profit and social services professional with a Masters of Science focused in Sustainable Systems from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. I am adept at working in both fast -paced and remote positions and in building lasting professional relationships.  Looking for a career which utilizes my passion for environmental awareness and education. 

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Kristle Richardson – Seeking Full-Time Position with Building Performance or Clean Energy Firms in North Carolina

Kristle is seeking a full-time position with a building performance or clean energy firm in North Carolina.  Since earning her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Economics in 2013, Kristle has held several industry internships in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA and Fairfax, VA.  In these positions, she has earned experience with healthy buildings, LEED certifications and community development project financing.  Kristle earned her Masters Degree in International Affairs from Penn State in 2019.  Now, Kristle is looking to use her industry experience and sustainability interests to benefit a firm in North Carolina.

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Jess Vicuna – Experienced Outreach Specialist and Trainer seeks Position in Professional Training, Sales or Consulting with Building Performance Firms in Raleigh or Charlotte

Jess Vicuna is a solutions-focused Senior Executive and Entrepreneur currently based in New York seeking a full-time position based in Raleigh or Charlotte.  With more than 10 years of success across the nonprofit, professional training, and development industries, Jess leverages extensive experience recruiting potential adult learners into classes for nonprofits and has served as a valued advisor to organizations experiencing growth and restructuring. Her broad areas of expertise include startups, workforce development, instructional design, outreach, recruitment, marketing and sales.  Throughout her executive career, Jess Vicuna has held leadership positions with Euclid Training, CUNY Building Performance Lab, Research Foundation of The City University of New York, and Rocket Maid, Inc.  Jess will be relocating to North Carolina in early 2020.

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Kevin Dunning – Seeking Internships in Green Building Assessment and Development for Summer 2020

I’m a junior at NC State majoring in Environmental Technology and Management. Although my background is in plant science, I’m looking to make an impact within the energy sector. I have a particular interest in the role that renewable energy plays in optimizing green building efficiency. I possess a goal-oriented personality, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, I am one of the most driven individuals I’ve met. And if I haven’t sold you already, I should add that I’m flexible as far as the internship-location is concerned. I look forward to hearing how I can contribute to your company’s success.

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